Digital Transformation

Superfluid provides services and solutions that drive digital transformation

We give you the advice and tools that don’t just digitise the analogue, but fit who you are now and start improving what you do immediately, enabling you to grow and succeed into the future.

Why you need to digitally transform

We see four distinct areas where digital transformation can be triggered, from either inside or outside an organisation, due to evolutionary or extinction pressures.

Superfluid’s Disruption Matrix

Internal disruptive forces External disruptive forces

Product Innovation

Your organisation launches a new product and/or service that means that you need to change the way that you operate to deliver it.

Operational Need

You’re failing to keep up with common business and/or sector practices, making you inefficient/expensive. Security & system stability at risk.

Evolution pressures

(Slower response)

Organisation Culture

You have poor morale as your peoples’ expectations have changed and/or they are demanding empowerment or cultural change.

Immediate Threat

Your competitors launch a new product and/or provide a noticeably superior customer experience. You are attacked or hacked.

Extinction pressures

(Rapid response)

Pressure on your organisation can come from one of 4 areas at any one time and failure to evolve leaves you flat-footed for a paradigm shift that could lead to extinction pressures. Responding to each force requires different techniques, approaches, and tools.

Digital transformation is multi-faceted

Digital transformation isn’t achieved through implementing new technology, it’s about using interconnected solutions to re-calibrate the way that you operate.

To achieve it, you need to make sustainable, incremental changes in three grouped, distinct functions:

Customer Experience

Improve your commercial + service functions: Adding or uniting technology that enables you to offer incredible, joined-up user experiences and personalised customer services. Find out how we can help you customer experience.

Digital Workplace

Improve your operations + administrative functions: Adopting technological and human structures that enable your organisation to leverage brilliant tools that allows it to function better. Discover how we can help you to transform your organisation into a digital workplace.

Data & Insights

Improve your management + reporting functions: Integrating your organisations data and adding technology that enables you to make sense of it, so that you can make better decisions. See how we can assist you to collect all the data that matters and then make the most of it.

Digital transformation is about people, processes, data and technology

Using technology to support your people, unite and share information, and improving processes in each of the three grouped, distinct functions.

Make sustained, successful change one step at a time by examining the impact of each of the areas.


Superfluid’s approach to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a process, not an end-state, and Superfluid can help you at each stage.

Unite planning, approach and objectives to improve one area of your business at a time.


Speak to us today about how Superfluid can help you to start your digital transformation - one function at a time.

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