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Give your customers what they want, when they want it

Business today is increasingly being done on our customers’ terms – and there’s no reason why we can’t provide them with the self-driven, personalised experiences that they desire, day or night.

Superfluid specialises is helping organisations in Australia to adopt self-service Portals that will not only boost customer satisfaction, revenue and efficiency, but reduce reliance on other costly channels and give you the opportunity to learn more about your customers than you ever thought possible.

A Superfluid Portal gives your customers what they want, quickly, enhancing your customer experience reputation and providing you with a unique competitive differentiator.

  • We couple our understanding of Australian organisations’ needs and leading technology to design and craft a solution that meets your goals – also ensuring you’ve the metrics to measure them.
  • Featuring battle-tested integrations and UX interfaces, we will help you to create a platform that is personal and relevant to every user from the beginning, and only becomes more so over time.
  • We can work with you into the future, supporting you to further develop, integrate and automate your portal to provide ever-increasing value, efficiencies, and grow your ROI.

Other portal types: Community Portals

Superfluid Portals can also be used to develop a Community Portal, with interactive features that allow for your service or product users to interact with each other, providing you with a way of understanding their needs, priorities and help you to direct future developments.

Other portal types: Partner Portals

Depending on your organisation, you may need a Partner Portal to provide channel seller, board members and other stakeholders with up-to-date information, apply for support, or access resources.

A Superfluid Portal can be used to allow them to self-serve, giving a method to deliver streamlined communication and adopt workflows that increase collaboration and reduce administration, including features such as: a knowledge base, forums, opportunity registration, and help desk/project/case management.

Features of Superfluid's Portal QuickStart solution

Forming the roadmap

We will help you to assess your current technology stack and develop a strategy for your portal based in best-practice, customer research and the experience of our consultants; which clearly identifies the immediate and future needs of your organisation for its portal, what your customers want, and outlines the key metrics that you’ll need to follow to judge your portals success.

Created using tried and test methodologies and technologies

We couple our own experience and intellectual property with world-class technology to craft an easy-to-use solution that’s deployed quickly and with minimal cost and effort; featuring all the features that you and your customers need, out-of-the-box UX optimisations, as well as the flexibility for future development.

User-centric, personalised experiences

A Superfluid Portal is easy for both you and your customers to use, ensuring that it’s easy to keep up-to-date and provides the easy, personalised user experiences that collate together to provide for a brilliant customer experience.

Integrating it to improve cross-channel experiences

Superfluid’s Portal solution can connect with all of your key customer-facing channels, including your CRM, website, and Marketing Automation platforms. Our unique experience and expertise in integration will enable you to share information across your organisation and utilise the insights derived from your customers’ platform usage to trigger activities and spot trends that weren’t previously possible.


The Superfluid Portal is full of the features that you expect, as well as some of those that you mightn’t expect out-of-the-box. With profile management connected to your CRM, easy social sign-in options, community tools, forum, polls, surveys, and a range of security options; a Superfluid Portal will deliver high-value experiences for its users from the start.

Speak to us today to find out how we can get you up and running with a Portal asap.

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