Marketing Automation

Taking marketing and customer experiences to the next level

Marketing Automation platforms are about more than simply digitising your marketing: they’re there to completely revolutionise the way that you approach, undertake and analyse all of your customer experience efforts.

They are complex, all-encompassing and rarely the ‘plug-and-play’ solutions that they often claim to be, so Superfluid specialises in working with mid-market organisations to help pick the right solution, implement and integrate it, and then develop the skills necessary to get the most from it.

Simply put: it’s a full solution that not just provides you with an optimised Marketing Automation platform, but a completely new perspective on what marketing can do for your organisation.

  • We unite our understanding of the mid-market with expert understanding of marketing automation technology to tailor, implement and integrate a platform that fits your organisation perfectly.
  • Our solution consists of a multi-faceted programme of implementation, helping you to design effective user journeys and develop your usage incrementally, adopting best practices and driving ever-deeper customer relationships along the way.
  • Learning how to use marketing automation technology requires lots of firsts and new skills, so we’ll help you to develop the skills, processes and structures that will deliver an ever-increasing ROI.

The mid-sized organisation's guide to Marketing Automation

Features of Superfluid’s Marketing Automation solution

Assessing business needs and crafting a marketing automation strategy

We’ll help you to assess your current system, examine the existing data that you have and develop a strategy for implementing a Marketing Automation platform, including all the things that you’ll need to have alongside it to operate effectively, that will meet your goals.

Nurture, score and coordinate multi-channel campaigns

We can help you to identify new prospects and develop effective multi-channel campaigns that will nurture them based on their characteristics and behaviour, pushing them down the sales funnel and identifying best bets via pre-programmed automations.

Give you the key to unlock and deliver new, highly-personalised customer experiences

We’re experts at bringing enterprise-level technology to mid-market organisations, enabling them to implement personalisation functionality that drives loyalty and revenue by speaking to them via every channel in a way that appeals to their precise needs.

Monitor, analyse and report on everything

Marketing Automation technology, if implemented and integrated properly, can provide you with an unrivalled view of your entire sales and marketing funnel. We’ll help you to establish the dashboards you need to effectively judge your campaigns, content and channels, establishing which are providing the best return and allowing you optimise activities to increase ROI.

Integrate to automate

We will work with you to integrate your Marketing Automation software into your wider technology stack, connecting it with your CRM, CMS, and other MarTech platforms to enable you to improve every aspect of your marketing.

We’ll give you everything necessary for it to work

Learning how to use marketing automation technology requires lots of firsts: from developing new email templates, creating multi-faceted content strategies or technical expertise on your chosen platform. We’ll help you to develop the internal skills, processes and capabilities to drive a growing ROI from the platform.

We’ll train your team and offer long-term support

Superfluid will help you to develop the internal skills, processes and structures necessary to deliver long-term ROI, enabling you to automate and personalise more to meet future organisational needs. We can even help you 6 months or 6 years further down the line, helping you to adopt new functionality, strategies, or to further-customise your instance.

Platform-agnostic, we find the right one for you

With experience in working with multiple platforms, we’ve extensive experience with helping mid-market organisations pick the right platform for then based on the objectives, wider technology stack and team make-up and competencies.

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