Integration Cloud

Superfluid's Integration Cloud: helping you to be greater than the sum of your parts

Success is about orchestration, getting your employees and the tools that they rely on to work together harmoniously to service both internal and customer needs.

Superfluid’s Integration Cloud is a fully-managed service that can connect the technology that you’re using to any on-premise system or SaaS solution, enabling you to automate processes, improve efficiencies and find better ways of servicing your customers.

Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about it again, as we’ll handle upgrades, bugs and fixes – it’s the competitive edge that you can take for granted.

Why you should implement Superfluid's Integration Cloud

  • Unlike other self-managed integration platforms, we do all the hard work for you – and all for a single, low annual fee – never worry about native integrations, APIs or upgrades ever again.
  • Superfluid’s Integration Cloud grows with your organisation and provides you with customisable integrations that will meet whatever SOA or SOP it is that you wish to create (or change).
  • Service-orientated and solution-driven, Superfluid’s Integration Cloud enables you to focus on the activities that will drive value, efficiency and innovation.

Features of Superfluid’s Integration Cloud solution

Complete system mapping

Before any deployment, our expert consultants and systems architects will conduct a thorough audit of all the databases, tools, applications and SaaS platforms that you’ve in use to provide you with a complete view of the technology that exists in your organisation: your blueprint. We’ll then explore with you what needs to be connected and suggest optimisations and new ways of working, including where cost-savings can be found by shedding unneeded systems.

A fully managed service - you never need to worry about integration again

As you add in new pieces of technology or your needs change, we can further build on your technology stack, creating new connectors and utilising their APIs. The result? You never again have to go into any technology purchasing decision worrying about how or if it will integrate with the rest of your organisation’s systems - we’ll do it all for you.

Removes the need for expensive licensed connectors

Many technologies only connect to your wider technology stack through expensive, individual connectors. Superfluid’s Integration Cloud is a complete solution that means you’ll no longer need to pay the expensive licensing fees associated with integration again.

Simple deployment

Once agreed, we’ll work with your IT department to connect your systems, with our experts taking control and guaranteeing maximum up-time during the transition.

Upgrade hassle-free

With frequent upgrades occurring, you never need to worry about the compatibility of the connection from one version to the next - we handle it all.

Discover how Superfluid's Integration Cloud can join all of your systems together and enable every part of your organisation to thrive into the future.

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