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A macroevolution in intranet technology, Superfluid’s Digital Workplace QuickStart solution enables you to improve productivity, unite technology, and increase collaboration both across and beyond your organisation, simply and quickly – delivering a tangible ROI in months, not years.

It’s the platform mid-market organisations need to transform, innovate, and prepare for an evermore-digital, interconnected future.

Why implement Superfluid’s Digital Workplace QuickStart solution?

  • Superfluid Digital Workplace increases productivity by bringing together everything an organisation needs to succeed; automating processes, streamlining workflows and allowing new ways of working.
  • Superfluid are mid-market specialists; working with you to design the right solution for you based on your individual goals and our experience.
  • Featuring battle-tested UX interfaces and user-configuration options that make it intuitive to use and always relevant, your bespoke solution will help the CEO, intern, and everyone in-between from day one.
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Features of a Superfluid Digital Workplace QuickStart:

Get it right from the start to bust silos

A Digital Workplace is designed to bring together everything that your organisation does to meet multiple objectives both across and up-and-down your organisation. With numerous systems, processes and competing priorities to consider whilst shaping your solution, we’ll undertake a thorough research phase and then work with you to shape the strategy, design, roll-out, and key metrics needed to succeed.

Crafted using tried and test methodologies and technologies

Uniting our extensive experience, intellectual property, and world-class technology, we will develop and deploy an easy-to-use solution that’s meets your organisations’ precise needs; containing all the features, workflows and out-of-the-box optimisations to deliver instant value, and allow for future development.

Quick-to-develop and deploy

Digital workplace projects often fail because, by the time they’re deployed, they’re not suited to how the organisation is now or key staff have already moved on. A Superfluid Digital Workplace QuickStart solution can be developed and deployed in 90 days, limiting project risk and ensuring quick ROI.

Integratable with anything - working together, not apart

The key to making a Digital Workplace work for your entire organisation is about integration - bringing together everything that an employee might need in one easily accessible place that enables them to do their job more efficiently. With technology in every silo, it’s critical that every job function has the tools they need at their disposal and that each is connected to the next. This is what Superfluid and our Digital Workplace QuickStart solution excels at, utilising our Integration Cloud, we can craft an interconnected solution that works no matter what your technology stack is.


A piece of technology that’s hard to use, won’t be. That why Superfluid Digital Workspace QuickStart features out-of-the-box UX-optimised design, user and organisation-personalisation options that make it simple to edit, use and manage; ensuring adoption.

Mobile-optimised and accessible anywhere

Mobile-optimised and hosted in the Cloud as standard, a Superfluid Digital Workplace QuickStart is set-up to provide flexibility and mobility for your workforce - no matter the device and whether they’re on or offline.

Embedded collaboration

Superfluid Digital Workplace QuickStart has social and community forums for collaboration out-of-the-box, meaning individual employees, departments and offices can create interest or project-based areas straight away. Fully Integratable with your existing SharePoint instance, a Superfluid Digital Workplace gives your people the opportunity to collaborate in new ways, driving service delivery improvements and innovation.

Making it personal

With single sign-on and personal profiles, as well as pre-built personalisation functions that populates news feeds with relevant content, your people can get up and running rapidly without long set-up times.

Asset management & governance functionality

Ensuring that your employees and contributors can only access and edit what they’re supposed to be able to and that what they’re seeing is the most up-to-date version of something can be a struggle. Superfluid Digital Workplace QuickStart solution makes security and access easy to manage, with fully adjustable and comprehensive settings.

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