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The continuing existence of manual, repetitive processes and analogue inputs is holding your organisation back.

The time and effort that’s needed to complete them is not only reducing efficiency, but causes errors and holds you back from spending time improving what matters most: what your organisation actually exists to do.

We can work with you following our unique 1-to-5 approach to analyse your human and machine inputs before redesigning processes and implementing technological shortcuts to streamline and improve the way that you work – you simply pick the sections of the programme that you want.

The outcome of our complete ‘Process Automation & Digitisation service’ is long-term money and effort savings, as well as the completion of a critical step in any digital transformation project.

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 Process Automation & Digitisation service:


1. Understand & identify

Through interviews and research, we’ll assess your current processes, operating procedures and the technology and human inputs that go into them, before providing you with a clear view of how things really operate within your organisation and what your key pain-points are.


2. Strategic roadmap

We’ll design a practical, strategic plan for adopting streamlined and transitioning to new tools, as well as detailing any technical and human changes necessary.


3. Deploy & personalise

We’ll put in place the new automated processes, including inserting any new technologies and completing any integration work necessary to make them work.


4. Up-skill & adopt

We will help you and your employees to get to grips with the way that things now work and help them to understand the impact on their day-to-day roles via workshops and 1-on-1 tuition.


5. Support

A long-term partner, we can provide ongoing support to help ensure a fully functional and optimised working environment for your people and ensure that, as you grow, the processes put in place remain the best ones for your organisation.

Discover how we can help you to automate and digitise even the most manual of processes in your organisation.

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