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Great customer experiences today are often ones that are self-driven and personal.

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Through implementing a Self-service Portal, you can boost satisfaction and increase internal efficiency through reducing your reliance on costly channels and manual processes.

Modelled on our 1-to-5-approach, our Portal Services will help you to plan, build, integrate and adopt your very own platform, quickly and simply – you just pick the parts of the service that you need.

The end result is that you’ll have a customer-focussed, self-service Portal that can deliver brilliant customer services and provide you with a clear competitive differentiator.

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 Portal services:


1. Holistic check

We spend time understanding your processes, current systems, and technologies, before coupling them with your goals and our expertise to what you need to do to reach your goals.


2. Plan

We create an implementation plan that outlines the technology you need and the wider changes necessary to your existing platforms and processes to make your Portal work most effectively.


3. Portal deployment

We prepare the ground for your new Portal by making the agreed changes to your systems before then deploying, testing and integrating your new solution.


4. Up-skilling and adoption

We onboard and train your team to understand how the Portal has changed your technology stack and processes, training them to edit and optimise the Portal.


5. Managed service

We can be a long-term partner who administrators, optimises and supports your use of the Portal for a low, single monthly fee.

Superfluid's Portal QuickStart ready-made solution:

Superfluid has an out-of-the-box, ready-to-customise-and-deploy self-service Portal solution that will not only boost customer satisfaction and organisation efficiency, but that will reduce your reliance on more-costly channels and manual processes and provide you with a tangible competitive differentiator.

Giving your customers what they want, when they want it on their terms, but improving your organisation in the process? Why haven’t you adopted one yet.

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