ClickDimensions is the only native Marketing Automaton solution for Dynamics 365

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ClickDimensions is a comprehensive marketing automation platform and the only one that’s 100% focused on its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

With ClickDimensions, you can learn more about your prospects and customers, capturing their digital language to learn what it is that they’re interested in before then marketing to them more effectively via multi-channel campaigns controlled all from your existing CRM system.

Including out-of-the-box analytics and tools that enable you to deliver better customer experiences, we can help you to better serve your existing customers, provide incredible user experiences and generate more, better leads with ClickDimensions. It’s a tool that delivers an ROI in months, not years.

Discover more about our Marketing Automation solution, where we help you to deploy and maximise your return from the platform.

The mid-sized organisation's guide to Marketing Automation

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Why you should implement ClickDimensions with Superfluid


End-to-end service

From helping you to assess your current activities, then defining clear objectives for your marketing automation technology, before then helping you to implement, we can take you from being marketing automation novices to experts quickly – speeding up the time it takes for you to get a return from your investment.


Unique approach

We won’t try to boil the ocean – rather, our preference is to help you get confident in using ClickDimensions and then prioritising and executing on key areas to help organisations achieve ‘quick wins’. These wins then enable our clients to continue to invest in their marketing automation efforts and become more advanced in what they do over time.

Highly-skilled team

The Superfluid team are ClickDimensions certified and have a cross-disciplinary team that can help you with every aspect of your implementation, whether it’s your strategic vision of how it plays with your Microsoft Dynamics instance.

History of successful implementations

Over the years, we have successfully implemented ClickDimensions for many mid-market organisations across multiple sectors, including Financial Services, Hospitality, Retail, Not-for-Profits, Public Sector and Manufacturing; before then helping them to get the most form the technology.


Training and long-term support

We will help you to develop the skills, processes and structures necessary to succeed and derive a long-term ROI from your ClickDimensions. We can even help you at set intervals, enabling to take on additional features and grow your use of the marketing automation platform into the future.

ClickDimensions and its benefits

ClickDimensions provides email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more.

Discover more about Marketing Automation and its benefits by downloading our free eBook: The mid-sized organisation’s guide to Marketing Automation.

ClickDimensions features


ClickDimensions is the top-rated marketing automation solution on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace and Superfluid are Microsoft-certified Gold Partners for CRM.

Easy-to-use email marketing inside your CRM

ClickDimensions provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create and send marketing emails through your CRM system, providing you with all the send, open, click, and bounce data you’d expect.

Automate your campaigns

Build multi-channel, automated campaigns using Click Dimension’s easy drag-and-drop interface, such as nurture, sales engagement, onboarding and retention campaigns.


Identify new leads through web forms and landing pages

ClickDimensions makes it easy to create web forms and landing pages – all without needing to know HTML. All data submitted through them directly enters your CRM and is linked to their contact record or, with new leads, creating a new record to increase your prospect database size.

Integrate with event and webinar solutions

ClickDimensions integrates with GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite and Cvent; allowing you to seamlessly store registration and attendee information automatically into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as track which of your existing contacts are registering for and attending your events.

Analyse your sales and marketing campaigns

Maximise the convenience of having ClickDimensions native inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM through integrated reporting. Link your emails, web visits, page views, and form captures directly to CRM campaign records. Utilise the ClickDimensions content pack to visualise marketing data in Power BI.

Lead scoring

As ClickDimensions tracks individual visitor activity on your website, each lead accumulates a score based on their visits, page views, and more. Scoring is based on default values you set, meaning that you may score certain pages higher or lower based on their importance in showing visitor intent.

Reach prospects with SMS or social media

ClickDimensions’ SMS messaging allows you to send text messages in bulk and publish to your social media channels through its social engagement platform, extending the reach of your campaign beyond email and engaging your audience in new ways.

Powered by the Microsoft Cloud

ClickDimensions is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data-centres, providing you with fast deployments, secure data, and a scalable solution.

Speak to us today about how we can help you to implement ClickDimensions or help you to get the most out of your existing instance.

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