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Staying connected is more important than ever and Yammer provides you with a simple way to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage everyone across your company.

Yammer enables you to discuss ideas, share updates, and crowd-source answers from co-workers around the world, providing you with a quicker, better way to connect and collaborate across your company. Pre-built into your Office 365 suite, use it to make a big impact, quickly.

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Yammer features


Groups enables you to work with anyone across the company on projects, initiatives, and events. It provides your teams and communities with open, flexible workspaces that can provide a central place for conversations, files, updates, and more.

Internal and external collaboration

Yammer enables you to take your collaboration to the next level with powerful, secure mobile apps that keep you connected and able to speak to colleagues, partners, and customers 1-to-1 or via group conversations to create a sense of community and a collaborative working environment.



With Yammer, you can search for experts, conversations, and files across your organisation using Office Graph, cutting-down on work duplication and increasing efficiency by delivering personalised search results based on your interests and prior activity.

Inbox notifications

Use your Inbox to view, prioritise, and manage what’s most relevant to you in Yammer. Notifications and priority settings let you tackle the most important messages and announcements across your groups.


Discovery feed

The Discovery feed allows you to tap into what’s going on in your organisation that’s relevant to you, keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening across your company.

Office integration

Yammer integrates with the full Microsoft Office 365 suite, allowing you to preview, edit, and co-author documents using Office Online. With the tool, your work is automatically saved and you can easily compare versions, collaborate and finalise changes with team members anywhere in the word.

Share and collaborate with your colleague and partners

Communicate information, drive discussion, and work together by building communities organised by project or topic.

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