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Simply simplify the way that your organisation communicates and instant messaging (IM), conferencing, video and phone calls in one place.

Skype for Business is designed to securely connect your team regardless of the device that they’re using, providing increased mobility and enabling collaboration opportunities without boundaries. Organise meetings with your team or customers and conduct them as if they were all in the same room, even when they’re not, and with the added ability of being able to dial into a conference using a phone, you don’t have to rely on the availability and functionality of the NBN.

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Skype for Business features

Skype Instant Messaging

With integration with your Outlook address book, you can easily begin instant messaging anyone within your organisation and beyond from the same place. With emoticons, the ability to share content or web pages, and one-touch video or audio conferencing, it’s the only Comms tool that you’ll ever need.

Skype meetings

With Skype for Business, you can organise meetings for up to 250 people with audio and video content, both online through a web browser or via the Skype for Business application on any device. With single sign-on and integration with the wider Office 365 suite out-of-the-box, it’s really easy to manage your calendar and meeting reminders via the platform, as well as share content, co-author presentations and reveal your desktop to provide illustrative demonstrations and walk-throughs.

Skype Meeting Broadcast

The Skype Meeting Broadcast feature enables you to extend the reach of Skype meetings to up to 10,000 attendees which, coupled with extensive producer controls and its ability to stream high-quality content via Microsoft’s Azure network, makes it a webinar tool. The additional security options, limiting who can attend the event and ability to customise the broadcast by adding interactive features and branding, makes it a high-class webinar solution that will deliver customers and prospects with brilliant experiences.

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing from Microsoft allows anyone to join your Skype meetings using only a telephone. With the features you’d expect, such as local dial-in numbers and the ability to dial-out, as well as some that you don’t, including visual indicators as to who’s there and speaking, Skype for Business allows you to conduct telephone conferences with clarity, simply.

Skype meeting devices

Additional hardware, such as Microsoft Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems, enables you to turn your meeting rooms into connected, pre-wired Skype meeting spaces with HD video and added content sharing ability. With easy one-touch join, meeting management features and integration with displays, you can turn any room into a connected, digital workspace.

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