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SharePoint is more than a document management system or intranet – it’s a platform that allows you to take full advantage of all the resources you already have: your people, your data and your processes.

Highly-flexible and infinitely customisable, SharePoint can be designed to meet an organisations’ unique needs and deployed in a variety of ways to solve common problems.

Here at Superfluid, we excel at helping medium-sized organisations to adopt the platform to meet their varied needs, whether it’s as part of an intranet or more sophisticated digital workplace deployment, or simply as a way of seamlessly organising their wider Office 365 implementation.

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SharePoint enables you to

Facilitate collaboration anywhere

SharePoint empowers collaboration with dynamic and productive team sites for every project, department, and team. Integrate it with Microsoft Teams and share files, data, news, and resources seamlessly. Customisable to meet every teams’ unique needs, you can enable your geographically disparate teams to work together better than ever before across a multitude of devices.

Engage and build culture

You can build use SharePoint to create and enforce single ways of working or to drive a cohesive, optimal organisation culture. Drive efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on portals; tell your story through communication sites; update and inform via an intranet – the possibilities are endless.

Digitally transform business processes

With extensive workflow management capabilities, you can increase efficiency by automating tasks and processes. Used with Microsoft Flow, you can create sophisticated, rich digital experiences for your employees and customers sing a variety of mediums, across multiple devices.

Create apps for your business

With SharePoint and Microsoft PowerApps, you can build customer facing and internal web portals, workflows, apps and project plans with ‘clicks not code’ to ensure your systems evolve at the speed of your organisation.

Gain insights from data

Discover answers and insights by taking better advantage of the data and expertise you already have inside your organisation. Quickly create dashboards to track successes, and bring all your data sources into a single portal to view the results.

Superfluid’s SharePoint Services

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SharePoint and the wider applications set provided within your Office 365 plan is like a box of Lego – infinitely configurable to create solutions that can digitally transform your organisation; it’s just sometimes hard to know where to start.

Superfluid are experts at helping mid-market organisations implement SharePoint to meet a variety of goals and objectives.

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SharePoint services

SharePoint Intranet QuickStart

Superfluid offers an ‘out-of-the-box’ intranet full of functionality that’s quick to deploy and even quicker to adopt, that will immediately personalise itself to every user automate the maintenance aspects of an intranet, reducing the strain on your HR or Internal Comms team members. To visit our Intranet QuickStart solution page click here.


Organisation discovery

SharePoint will help you take full advantage of the resources you already have, but the number of options can seem overwhelming. Our Organisation Discovery service will help us get to the bottom of what your organisation needs from SharePoint, citing real-world examples, to help you understand where you can take it within your organisation.

Process automation and app development

We can help you to automate your workflows and generate time-saving applications that will drive greater business efficiencies, meet required compliance standards and execute critical processes without the need for human input.

Knowledge management

Put your information to work by organising the content that your organisation generates so that it’s easy to find within SharePoint’s Document Management System. We’ll help you reuse information, and prevent reworking by capturing, storing and tagging it in a centralised system. Set-up correctly, it’ll enable you to harness the collective intelligence and IP of your entire workforce.


If your teams have a basic understanding of SharePoint, we can help them get more out of it by providing tailor made training solutions, from ‘Train the Trainer’ to ‘End-User’, we cover all user roles and can help your team members to get the most out of your instance.

Health Check

If you have a SharePoint implementation that isn’t meeting your needs, we’ll audit your existing environment against its intended use, industry best practices and our experience of working with organisations similar to yours; forming a set of recommendations and practical steps that you can take to improve the ROI from you technology investment.

Get in contact with us today to find out more about how we can help you to make the most from SharePoint.

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The Superfluid team specialises in helping Australian organisations gain a true competitive advantage through the intelligent use of software and Cloud applications. If you want a fresh perspective on how you can take your organisation to the next level, get in touch - we're here to help.