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The efficient sharing, organisation, and collaboration of documents is essential to all organisations. Yet commonly the system used for managing them is decentralised and scattered, causing problems for organisations that ultimately makes it difficult for employees to find, share, and collaborate on content.

SharePoint’s Document Management System (DMS) aims to solve these issues with a broad set of document management capabilities.

The significance of document management within SharePoint is based around metadata; users can upload and tag documents to categorise them and make it possible to search based on keywords, giving the user the most relevant and latest version of a file. No duplicates, and no accessing old and unused files!

Find out more about the platform in our handy blog about the 10 best practices for it here.

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Benefits of Sharepoint DMS

Revisions and collaboration

There’s no duplicate files thanks to SharePoint’s versioning features, but you will always have access to previous versions of every file if needed, along with who edited the file and the date of the change. SharePoint also makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same document simultaneously.

Plan content types and document properties

Attach information, metadata, and templates to your documents. This enforces consistency across your organisation and enables an easy and efficient search process.


Enterprise Search

Need to find a document but don’t know which folder it might be in? You don’t have to click through all of them thanks to SharePoint’s search feature. As long as you’ve tagged all your documents correctly, the search function should effectively bring up relevant information.

Control or collaborate - the choice is yours

Your document management system should reflect you and your business goals. What will help you achieve more? If you need a loose structure, make it flexible, or if a tightly controlled structure is more representative of your culture and goals, that’s perfect too.

The beauty of the SharePoint DMS is that the power is in your hands and planning is key to creating an efficient system. Get in contact with us today to find out how you can get started.

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