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Save time and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks with Microsoft Flow

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Microsoft Flow is a key part of the Office 365 suite that enables you to automate actions based on common scenarios, saving time and digitising actions.

The module provides you with an interface that lets you combine two or more cloud services to create workflows, like those that let you automate file synchronisation, create alerts, organise data and more.

For example, you can receive a text message each time someone emails you, copies files from OneDrive to SharePoint, posts photos from Instagram to Dropbox; with it, you can turn repetitive tasks into multi-step workflows that integrate seamlessly with all Office 365 products. The possibilities are endless and potentially incredibly powerful.

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Microsoft Flow features

Activity feed

Microsoft Flow includes an Activity Feed highlighting all recent Flows and which require attention. There’s also a powerful search function, allowing you to easily find individual results for a given workflow to save time.

Mobile applications

Manage previously created Flows from your smartphone. Switch them on or off, check for errors, or view their properties from wherever you are.

Freedom with Flows

There’s no need for complex coding knowledge, as you can use many pre-built templates to satisfy your business needs. Then you can edit these flows as you wish, or create your own from scratch.


Comprehensive approval processes mean that you can prevent anything from occurring without your say-so and can stop sensitive data from leaving your company using baked-in or custom data loss prevention policies.

Multi-step flows

Turn repetitive tasks into multi-step workflows. For example, with a few clicks capture tweets and add them as leads in Dynamics 365, subscribers in Mailchimp, and more.

Approve requests

Create, use, and share automated approval workflows to quickly respond to and process requests, from time off and travel plans to documents and sales opportunities.


Flow lets you securely connect to on-premises data and cloud based services, so you can make the most of the data you already have.

Microsoft Flow is a fast-developing, incredibly powerful tool with a potentially endless number of applications. Get in contact with Superfluid today to get started with your digital transformation!

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