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Microsoft Sway is a new way of presenting, removing the constraints of slide size and content compatibility.

Through combining text and rich-media in online workspaces from any source, you can curate persuasive and interactive presentations, newsletter or documents by bringing together everything you need in one place – no matter the device. It’s easy to share your creation and, without edges and in-built styling, you don’t need to worry about design, meaning you can focus solely on the content.

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Microsoft Sway features

A Sway is for anything

Microsoft Sway enables you to transform the way that you produce, share and curate all sorts of content. From polished interactive presentations, to digitising analogue brainstorming, improving newsletters or compiling reports, you can express your ideas and content easily in brilliantly creative ways.


Effortless design

The whole point in Sway is to take the effort out of creating brilliantly beautiful, professional design. Through its in-built design engine, you select the layout and then add content – piece-by-piece – which the platform analyses and adds in the most logical way. You can then tune or completely rearrange the Sway based on your likes and wants; it’s completely up to you.

Access your Sway anywhere

A Sway is Cloud-native, meaning you can work on, share and access your creation at anytime, on any device, anywhere.

Create in 3-dimensions

Microsoft Sway takes design to the next level – literally. Instead of working on a flat 2-dimensional canvas, you can go left-right, up-down, in and out, enabling you to order and curate presentations in a completely new way. The ‘Remix!’ function will even suggest how you can take your flat presentation to new levels, making it easy to get started.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Microsoft Sway integrates with your Office 365 suite, including your OneDrive account, enabling you to turn content in Word or OneNote into a dynamic Sway for any purpose in just a few clicks.

Present and interact

Sway makes your creations interactive, enabling you to engage your audience with you in new ways. For example, you can select photos from OneDrive or Facebook, pick a ‘Layout’ and you’ve created an interactive photo stack that people can tap to sift through.

Add content easily

Sway shows you everything at your disposal to add to your Sway, with advanced search functionality to find exactly what you need. You can easily drag and drop in photos, videos and other multimedia that’s integrated with it, whether it’s on your device, social networks or online.

Automatic device formatting

Microsoft Sway adapts the presentation (known as a ‘Sway’) that’s being used to fit the device it’s being viewed on, so your work is always presented in the best light.

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