Use video to inspire your organisation with Microsoft Stream

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Video content has the power to inspire and transform your organisation, and Microsoft Stream enables you to adopt it securely across your organisation.

The application has advanced, in-built functionality that enable people within your organisation to find and interact with your videos, enabling new ways curate and collaborate on video content to use internally via stream or externally through your online channels.

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Microsoft Stream features

Integrates seamlessly with Office 365

Microsoft Stream enables you to easily upload, view, and share videos inside the Office apps your organisation uses, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer.

Easy, accessible and secure

People across your company can share content through any device, in the office or on-the-go, all within a secure environment. Easy controls let people choose who they want to share content with, whether it be a specific individual, team or department.


Clever search functionality means you can find what you need

Audio transcriptions and face detection make finding the content that you’re looking for in your library easy and quick – you can even search for specific words in a single video or across all of your organisation’s videos. Microsoft Stream’s intelligence also has accessibility features, including closed captioning, so every person can use the system as they need to.


With multi-application publishing, you enable everyone within your organisation to contribute and create content. Increasing engagement with likes, shares and comments, Microsoft Stream democratises engagement and enables you to see what’s resonating with your people.

Contact us today to find out how Microsoft Stream integrates with the wider Office 365 suite and can help you to transform the way that you communicate with your employees.

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