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Digital transformation at the front-line

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Microsoft StaffHub is designed to help employees with schedule management, information sharing and communication.

With millions of employees involved in retail, hotels, hospitality and manufacturing, Microsoft StaffHub makes it easy to organise their schedules, replacing paper schedules, bulletin boards and the frequent flurries of phone calls and text messages that are needed to organise cover for shifts: it’s digital transformation for the front-line.

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StaffHub features


Schedule and task management

The platform makes it easy for managers to create and manage schedules on the go, and stay informed when changes are made. It stream-lines what can be a complicated process and allows them to quickly assign and complete tasks that meet individual customers’ changing needs.

Communication and community

With Microsoft StaffHub, you have a number of out-of-the-box features, such forums, bulletins, video spaces and document libraries, that can immediately improve your communications. Create spaces for meaningful conversations where workers can share ideas, learn from one another, and gain insight into larger, organisational initiatives.

Training and onboarding

Through the tool, you can provide employees with the resources and content that workers need to be on-boarded and gain new skill, improving your entire workforce.

Integrate with your other tools

Microsoft StaffHub connects with other work-related apps and resources, such as workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions, providing your teams with everything they need in one place.

Identity and access management

You can quickly create and assign a digital identity with just a phone number to each of your employees, controlling access and rights within the system easily, maintaining a secure platform.

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