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Microsoft Office Desktop Apps: the tools you know and love - but better

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Ubiquitous and essential, Microsoft Office provides you with the Office Desktop apps that you need to get every job done.

Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the latest versions of the applications on-the-go in the Cloud but with the option to download the applications to you device for the experience you know and love. Through the subscription service, you’ll be notified of updates, so you’re certain to be using the most-up-to-date versions of the tools full of the features your need to get work done.

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Microsoft Office Desktop Apps features


First released in 1983, Microsoft Word enables you to create and edit documents easily. As the world’s most used tool, take advantage of its advanced features and be assured of its compatibility.


Do your accounts, create graphs and analyse data using the spreadsheet tool you need.


Easily manage and read your emails, calendar and much more with Microsoft Outlook. With numerous integration, including with Dynamics CRM and Skype, Outlook enables you to manage your working life, collaborate and do much more.


Enliven your presentations with rich media and brilliant designs, so that you can present you or your organisation in the best light possible.


OneNote is the free-form information gathering tool that enables you to draw together all your media in one place, enabling you to brainstorm and piece together your plans, strategies or documents.

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