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Microsoft Bookings: online scheduling your customers will love

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Microsoft Bookings provides your customers with the ability simply schedule appointments with you and your organisation.

With both a mobile and online app, you can simply manage your schedule and work calendar, as well as record information about each of your customers, allowing you define preferences and individual pricing models.

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Microsoft Bookings features


Spend less time scheduling

Bookings gives you a quick and easy alternative to scheduling appointments over the phone. A customisable webpage lets your customers find available times and book appointments 24/7, with a private calendar for managing your schedule, and automatic confirmations and reminders for you that keeps you up-to-date and saves you time.

Delight your customers

Microsoft Bookings provides your customers with the modern, branded digital experience that your customers now expect. It’s improves flexibility, convenience, and gives control to your customers.

Fewer missed appointments

You can set-up automated reminders for customers and staff to improve your no-show rate, with integration with calendars to auto-populate them with up-to-date, real-time information.

Manage bookings on-the-go

Microsoft Bookings has a mobile app, which gives you full access to your customer, staff, and calendar info on-the-go. Use the app to easily email, call, or text customers, or create a new appointment with just a few taps.

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