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Superfluid excels at assisting medium-sized organisations migrate their content to new platforms, helping them to adopt and embrace novel, innovative technologies that accelerate their digital transformation.

Working with our highly-experienced multi-disciplinary team, we’ll work with you to identify what needs to be moved, where to and how; following a unique end-to-end approach which ensures that everything you need to succeed comes with you and that anything that will get in your way won’t.

Whatever system you’re moving from and to, we’ll take the risk out of your migration and do all the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on what matters: your future success.

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Why you should migrate with Superfluid

  • As technology and mid-market specialists, we’ve a proven record in performing extensive platform and content migrations. Whether team-by-team or all at once, we’ll work with you to take the right approach.
  • Our complete service, from Content Discovery through to end-user Training means that we can do more than most migration partners, offering you a one-stop-shop approach that makes coordination and deployment simple.
  • As a multi-disciplinary business, we’ve a unique blend of expertise. We support you to dig deeper into your data and then highlight streamlining opportunities, before then assisting you to capitalise on them.

Superfluid’s Migration Service 6-step approach

1. Content discovery

We’ll work with you to determine what content needs to be migrated and where it needs to go, leveraging our unique scripts and other methods for automating the process to enable us to quickly gather all of your information and then work with you to determine your approach to the migration.

2. Establish your online environment

We’ll ensure that where you’re moving everything to is ready to work, including configuring settings, confirming access credentials and license allocations. Often, we will establish a sandbox environment which can be used to train your employees and get them used to the new platform in a safe environment.

3. Migration test-run

The most efficient way to determine how smoothly a migration will be will sometimes involve a test migration. As part of the test-run, we’ll document the steps required and write migration scripts to utilise during the final migration to speed-up the process and ensure that it’s performed consistently every time.

4. Test-run review

Once your test migration has completed, we will review your environment to determine where any issues have presented themselves, and then address these on a case-by-case basis, again writing scripts where possible to automate fixes to ensure quick project completion times. Through this review process, we may run multiple additional tests to ensure your final migration will run smoothly.

5. Plan for go-live

We will work with you to determine a plan for go-live, working with to establish when it will take place and on a communication plan that will help your staff transition to your new environment. We’ll also help you determine when you may choose to put your legacy content stores in ‘read only’ mode, and what training content would be helpful for your staff.

6. Training

Even if it’s an upgrade, your employees might not have a good understanding the new platform and its enhanced abilities. We have a rich catalogue of training content to draw on for both your end-users and power users, which we can use to train your teams and enable you to maximise your ROI.

Speak to us today and discover how we’ve helped mid-market organisations to migrate to new, better platforms.

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The Superfluid team specialises in helping mid-sized Australian organisations gain a true competitive advantage through the intelligent use of software and Cloud applications. If you want a fresh perspective on how you can take your organisation to the next level, then feel free to get in touch with us - we're here to help.