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About much more than marketing, a Marketing Automation platform revolutionises the way that you approach, undertake and analyse all of your customer experience efforts.

Through our 1-to-5 approach, we can hep you to implement and integrate the technology, provide you with the skills necessary to get the most from it, and provide ongoing optimisation and support services that’ll give you a new perspective on what marketing can do for your organisation – it’s completely up to you.

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 Marketing Automation services:


1. Health check

We’ll help you to understand how you’re operating, your existing technologies and the data that you have; before holding up a best-practice lens and identifying changes that need to be made for you to reach your goals.


2. Strategic plan

After understanding your needs and where you want to go, we’ll design a long-term implementation strategy; featuring procedural realignments, milestones, and an identified solution that will fit you needs (and budget).


3. Deploying technology

This is the point where we’ll design, craft and implement the solution to fit and empower your organisation. Specific to your needs, this can feature testing, content migration, integration and all-new platform deployment options.


4. Up-skilling and adoption

We’ll help your people to understand the platform and how to use it. From onboarding and training, to creating unique dashboards to meet individual needs – we’re setting you up long-term success.


5. Managed service & support

We’re a long-term partner who, based on your needs and internal skill-sets, can provide you with technical support or day-to-day optimisation services that help you unlock each feature of the platform when you’re ready.

Additional Marketing Automation Services:

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Your Marketing Automation platform can be much more powerful with some clever additions and integrations, turning it into a complete customer experience solution.

In addition to our 1-to-5 offering, we’l help you to achieve much more with your platform quickly by:

  • Complete integration – We can help you to integrate your platform with internally and externally facing systems, such as your CRM and Web CMS, to help enhance experiences across your organisation.
  • Ongoing optimisation & support – Marketing Automation platforms can be vast and require lots of work to unlock each feature. We can work with you over the medium-to-long-term to help leverage all of its benefits.
  • Migration – You’re bound to have existing data, templates and other assets that you’re currently using. We can ensure that when you adopt your platform, that they go with you.
  • Fuel – To get the most out of the platform, we can help you to design new email templates, landing pages or set-up nurture and scoring campaigns to help you get started faster.
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Discover our ready-to-deploy ClickDimensions QuickStart solution.

Marketing Automation platforms don’t take long to deploy, but can take an eternity to optimise and grow your use o in order to get a tangible ROI, so Superfluid have developed a ClickDimensions QuickStart solution that will shortcut you to success.

ClickDimensions is the only native Dynamics CRM Marketing Automation solution that’s functionality is all self-contained within your existing platform.

Ideal for SMEs and newcomers to Marketing Automation technology, it’s a great place to start and improve much more than just email marketing.

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Discover how we can improve your existing Marketing Automation instance or help you to adopt this revolutionary technology.

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