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Digital transformation for HR - get the best from your people with Dynamics 365 Talent module

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Attract, onboard, train and retain talent through providing exceptional experiences across your employees’ touch-points with your organisation.

Superfluid specialises in helping mid-market organisation adopt Dynamics 365 for Talent. Adopted, optimised and integrated with your core functions, it can help medium-sized organisations like yours to hire the right people by enabling you to build individual candidate profiles and conduct collaborative interview, shedding light on the ROI that your hiring process provides.

It also helps with the next steps; optimising the way in which you onboard and get your new starters up-to-speed, as well as streamlining HR management functions so that they can provide cost-effective programmes that maximises staff retention, increases productivity and improves overarching job satisfaction, measurably.

Superfluid are experts at helping medium-sized organisations with Dynamics 365 for Talent, so speak to us today and we’ll help you to being digitally transforming your HR function today.

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Dynamics 365 Talent features

Attract the right talent and better manage the interview process

Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to find, interview and hire the right people by delivering engaging candidate experiences. With native integration to LinkedIn and other platforms, you can deliver streamlined, collaborative experiences across candidates and the entire interview team, providing all parties with a complete picture of the process and relevant information at each stage. What’s more, with Office 365 integration, it’s easy to coordinate calendars, set appointment and send reminders, increasing efficiency.

Onboarding for success

You can set-up on-boarding workflows and personalise programmes to enable new employees to hit the ground running during the critical first months with your organisation. Help increase their productivity by identifying critical contacts, share resources and make necessary documents available to them via the platform and monitor how they’re going with real-time dashboards to spot any problems or opportunities for improvement.

Engage all of your employees

Developing a collaborative, customer-centric culture of excellence is difficult and time-consuming, so Dynamics 365 for Talent enables you to provide forums for continuous feedback and provide mechanisms to reward high-performers. Real-time performance dashboards enable you to track accomplishments and give full transparency, enabling you to manage performance and fast-track employee growth.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

With Dynamics 365 for Talent, you’re able to provide every employee and job function with access to additional training, developmental, or qualification opportunities that enable them to develop their careers and make them of higher value to your organisation. And, with intuitive interfaces and personalisation opportunities, it’ll make your HR department more efficient and productive.

Optimising your workforce using insights

Through automating core HR functions and providing you with the ability to analyse their success, as well as providing a view of individual employees or teams’ output, you’re able to analyse the impact of internally focussed initiatives like never before. Additionally, you can make sure that you’re meeting any compliance necessities and provides you with the ability to, for the first time, track how cost-effective your cultural initiatives truly are.

Superfluid are experts at helping medium-sized organisations with Dynamics 365 for Talent, so speak to us today and we’ll help you to being digitally transforming your HR function today.

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