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Predict customer needs and meet them with built-in digital intelligence

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Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers your sales team by providing them with the tools to personalise interactions, understand customer needs, and find new revenue generating opportunities.

In-built digital intelligence and automations mean that your Sales team have the insights and time to do what they do best, build relationships and sell.


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Dynamics 365 for Sales features

Actionable insights

Help your sales team assess customer relationships in the most efficient way and prioritise their efforts, with signals from both the Sales app and Office 365. They’ll get all the tools they need with predictive analytics, digital intelligence, social media listening, and automated lead scoring.

Personal engagement

Ensure your team is engaging and collaborating in real-time. Sales documents can be customised and feature real-time co-authoring. Use OneNote within the Sales management software to create shared meeting notes and events. This means your team is always on the same page, and working at full capacity.

Increase productivity

With in-built workflows and automations, Dynamics 365 for Sales enables your sales teams to spend more time selling and less on administration. With clever integrations, you can leverage intuitive productivity tools that speed-up the sales process.

Email integration

Take the hassle out of managing an email server with Exchange Online. This can then be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) to make the most of Dynamics 365 (online) email features. Anyone with the appropriate permissions can view all relevant customer communications in one place.

Use apps to personalise and enhance

You can do even more with Dynamics 365 for Sales using one of the 200+ add-on applications developed by Microsoft and it partners available at the AppSource. Each can further enhance your productivity by extending opportunities with leads, forecasting, and configure-price-quote (CPQ).

Customer relationship management

Get access to social insights, up-to-date company information, and an embedded sale process with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Your sales people will know exactly which targets to follow, and which opportunities and leads are worth pursuing.

Reports and dashboards to enhance performance

CRM analytics software shows customised sales forecasting reports in real-time. Build these yourself with a simple drag-and-drop system. Dashboards and other sales reporting tools allow you to track team performance, and highlight the most important information by changing and updating components as necessary: create a target-driven, number-hungry culture that drives success.

Contact and account management

Use Dynamics 365 to access critical customer data, getting a complete insight of how to engage with them in the best way. This includes social information, communication history, and key contacts. Collaboration tools and an efficient mobile app mean you can achieve all of this from wherever you are.

Opportunity management

Streamline the sales process. View highlighted details from your customer’s activity that outline the best next steps. Built-in quoting capabilities allow you to automatically generate a complete quote and email it to a customer in a few easy clicks.

With so many options and available customisations, crafting the right Dynamics 365 solution for you can be complicated, so get in contact with Superfluid today and we’ll help you to find the right configuration for you.

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