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Microsoft PowerApps allows anyone in an organisation to create an app, enabling organisations to be innovative with how they improve their processes and workflows.

PowerApps enables organisations to be self-sufficient when it comes to app development, cutting out the middle man and supporting you to improve your employees day-to-day work experience. It’s also secure; the apps created are only available to your organisation.

Infinitely flexible, you can build anything with it; things such as budget trackers, shopping lists, survey collectors, event sign-ups, or a tool that helps your sales teams to build an accurate proposal on the spot via a cost estimator – the possibilities and opportunities to improve your organisation are endless.

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Microsoft PowerApps features

Secure integrations

PowerApps can cleverly combine data from a number of Microsoft sources within your organisation to automatically generate apps, including Excel, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and much more. It comes with the Common Data Service built-in, which is secure and comes with hundreds of pre-defined standard business entities.

Use it on any device, on or offline

You can publish your finished app to your organisation – no app store required – and experience full freedom with the option to use your app online, or via mobile and other device: it’s Android, iOS, and Windows-friendly.



If you can see a problem, then PowerApps enables you to create a solution. It’s easy-to-use and learn, with a visual designer to help you to customise and create fully functional apps, all without having to write any code.

Get started quickly

Microsoft PowerApps comes with pre-built templates that will inspire you as to what you can achieve: you’ve everything there that you need to get started building apps and making a difference to your business, fast.

Get in contact with us today to find out how you can get started with Microsoft PowerApps to help you achieve your goals today.

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