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Regardless of who your customers are and what you do for them, there are common technologies and approaches that can be used to enable you to market, sell-to and service them better.

Through creating a single view of the customers in your CRM and integrating platforms, such as Marketing Automation and Self-service Portals, you can not only use their functionality to communicate with them better, but deliver a better service and find increasing efficiency through automation – it’s a win:win for everyone.

How Superfluid’s Customer Experience practice can help you:

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A great CRM has little to do with the technology, it’s about enabling everyone to do their jobs better.

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A Marketing Automation platform can transform much more than marketing – it’ll improve every customer interaction.

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Providing a great customer experience today is often about enabling self-driven interactions that entirely avoid your people.

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Creating a clean home for all of your customer data will enable your people and technology to reach new heights.

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A complete solution, drive efficiencies and amazing customer experiences via a suite of fully-integrated technologies.

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Superfluid’s out-of-the-box Customer Experience solutions:

Dynamics QuickStart

Adopt a leading CRM technology quicker-than-ever. We spend the time usually wasted on standard development to understand your needs and scope your long-term goals, before helping you to customise and adopt the CRM you need. Find out more.


ClickDimensions QuickStart

ClickDimensions is the only MA platform that exists within Dynamics and our solution enables you to not just adopt it, but we’ll help you to set it up to fully leverage the insights and information held within your Dynamics CRM. From planning, deployment and training, through to ongoing optimisation and support, our solution gives you the skills, strategic insights and tools to thrive. Find out more.


Portal QuickStart

Quick-to-deploy, customise and love: our Portal QuickStart solution is full of pre-built functionality and integrations that will enable you to customise and deploy a complete Self-service Portal, quickly. With ongoing optimisation services and support, it’s a solution that transforms customer experiences and delivers instant value with traceable savings. Find out more.


Integration Cloud

Superfluid’s Integration Cloud is a solution that’s able to connect any of the technologies that you’re using to any on-premise or SaaS solution. It grows with your organisation and provides you with complete, ongoing support for upgrades and future integrations. With it, you’ll get more out of all of your existing technologies and find better ways of serving your customers. Find out more.



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