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Create a complete, holistic view of CX strategies and technologies.

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Crafting a Customer Experience Platform (CXP) is about adopting, integrating and tuning all of your customer-related technologies so that they’re working together in complete harmony: digital transformation.

Including a core backbone of technologies, which are selected based on your individual needs (below is just one example of a configuration), it enables you to connect to every other customer-related technology in your organisation and approach every interaction in the most appropriate, effective way.

Our Customer Experience Platform service follows our unique 1-to-5 approach, meaning that you can get help with assessing where you are, developing your strategy, or putting in place the tools you need to reach your goals and then help you to run them – the choice is yours.

Now is the time to plan your future technology-driven CX strategy and adopt the applications that will get you there, making your wildest customer experience goals a reality.


A potential Customer Experience Platform configuration:

CXP image

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 Customer Experience Platform services:


1. Health check

We undertake a complete analysis of your customer experience efforts, examining the strategies, technologies and data that you have. Once complete, we’ll return to you a holistic view of how you’re performing and identify the key areas for improvement that will make the biggest impact.


2. Transformational plan

Once we have an understanding of where you are now, we’ll help you to form a strategic plan for where you want to go. Complete with the milestones, training, technology and skills you’ll need to bring into your organisation, we’ll provide you with a detailed ‘how-to’ of the things necessary for you to reach your long-term goals.


3. Technology deployment

Invariably, with a multi-year roll-out plan for different technologies, we’ll get started and assist you with launching each into your organisation once you and your people are geared and ready for them.


4. Training and adoption

In order to get the most out a digital transformation project, your people need to know how to use the tools and platforms that you’re implementing in order to leverage them to their fullest and ensure that the processes your setting up will work effectively.


5. Long-term partner

Throughout the project, we’ll be there alongside you, assisting you to not just drive the transformational project forward, but get involved in the micro; offering ongoing optimisation and technical support services.

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