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Every organisation relies on reports and dashboards to measure performance and direct effort – even if they exist only in an Excel Spreadsheet – but are you fully confident of their accuracy? Do they take forever to compile? Are you looking to dig deeper?

Superfluid can help you with all aspects of your existing reporting environment, assist with an ad-hoc analytics project, or design and implement a complete, new reporting solution – following our 1-to-5 approach, you’ll get what you need.

Whether you need a standalone report into a particular function or the creation of an array of dashboards for you to monitor and understand your organisation better, speak to us today and we’ll help you to pull the right information together so that you can make the right decisions.

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 Custom Analytics & Reporting services:


1. Holistic understanding

Do you know where all your measures come from, what data they’re made-up of, whether they’re accurate and whether your platforms are interpreting all of the information correctly?┬áDuring this phase we’ll work with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and assess your data and systems involved, before returning a top-view report on what needs to be done to get the answers you need.


2. Strategy & roadmap

During the ‘Plan’ phase, we will outline how to go about compiling the report or setting-up your new ongoing measures; what’s involved (people and technology); what (if anything) needs to change to ensure the measures’ ongoing accuracy (your people, process, and/or platforms); as well as outline likely costs, the level of involvement required, as well as timescales.


3. Undertake & deploy

We’ll action and complete the ‘Plan’ phase as outlined, modifying your platforms, collating and cleaning data, setting up new technologies, workflows and processes – all as agreed. Once complete, we will run tests to ensure that the results are accurate, before reporting to you on the outcomes in relation to your specific brief.


4. Train & adopt

If your project has involved the creation of ongoing measures, (such as dashboards), or has modified the way that your people needs to complete tasks, manage technologies, log information, or report; then we can train them via workshops or one-to-one sessions of the improvements, what’s now required, and how they should go about their tasks going forwards.


5. Managed service

Whether you need a weekly/monthly report running, ongoing optimisaton and development needs for your dashboards and reports, or technical support with assisting that what your measuring is always accurate, then Superfluid can help you as a long-term partner – all for a single, flat fee.

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