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Superfluid's CRM services will provide you with an integrated, single-view of your customers

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A great CRM has little to do with the technology, it’s about enabling everyone to do their jobs better.

Using our 1-to-5 approach, you can pick the help that you need: we can help you to assess and optimise your current platform, plan a migration or upgrade, design and implement a new system, as well as/or provide long-term support and ‘Admin-as-a-service’ offering.

The end result is that you’ll have the know-how to create, or have in-place, a complete best-in-breed, future-proof solution that provides you with a ‘single view of your customers’.

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Superfluid's 1-to-5 CRM services:


1. Health check

We’ll help you to understand your existing technologies, processes, and the data that you have; before comparing it with best-practice and identifying changes.


2. CRM strategic plan

After workshopping and understanding your needs, we deliver a long-term CRM strategy; featuring procedures, milestones, and an identified technology solution.


3. Deploying and personalising technology

Design and craft a CRM solution to fit and empower your organisation. Featuring testing, content migration, integration and new platform deployment options.


4. Upskilling and adoption

We help you to adopt the new/updated CRM with onboarding, training, and the creation of reports and dashboards to meet individual’s needs – setting you up for success.


5. Managed service & infinite support

A long-term partner who, we can be your CRM administrator, support team, and provide you with day-to-day optimisation assistance for a low, single monthly fee.

Additional value-added CRM services we provide:

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Your CRM can be much more than just a data silo. With some clever additions and integrations it will revolutionise customer experiences, increase efficiency, and automate the manual.

  • Portals – Providing your customers with the ability to self-serve can be a boon in customer service, but having it integrated with your CRM will save you time, effort and money.
  • Reporting – Setting-up dashboards, building reports and scheduling data updates takes time and can be very fiddly. We can do this for you, setting up everything you need.
  • Document Generation – Bored of having to manually create documents from the data in your CRM? We can create automated processes that will do this for you with 1 click.
  • Marketing Automation – A CRM is brilliant at many things, but without Marketing Automation, you’ll always have a blind spot at the top of the funnel, We can implement the technology to fill it.
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Get a pre-built Dynamics 365 Solution

Beyond ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 is a sophisticated, multi-layered tool with an endless number of configurations, integrations and applications – it just hard to know where to start.

Superfluid have a pre-built solution which makes it easy to adopt Dynamics 365. Easy-to-deploy and customise, we can spend the time usually spent on development to understand your immediate needs and scope your long-term goals, before helping you to adopt and get to grips with the CRM you need.

Find out more about our Dynamics QuickStart solution or Dynamics 365 technology.

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