What is Microsoft Power BI?

What is Microsoft Power BI? It'll help you to understand everything so that you can improve anything

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Many organisations have lots of valuable information sitting in a range of systems and data silos which can be viewed in isolation, but not together.

However, when you merge all of your data sources and allow them to be viewed together, interesting trends emerge. For example, the frequency with which your Account Managers meet with their customers (logged as activities in your CRM) may have a direct bearing on the time before accounts receivable notices they’ve paid their bill (recorded in your ERP).

This is exactly the kind of insights that Microsoft Power BI enables you learn.

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Definitive guide to Power BI and how you can get started

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Bring your data to life

Microsoft Power BI allows you to connect hundreds of data sources and then create intuitive dashboards and visuals that brings your data to life, providing you with an unparalleled view of what’s happening within your organisation; allowing you to find efficiencies and achieve productivity gains.

Power BI negates the need for time-consuming manual processing by automating analysis and providing pointers that allow you to spend more time on improving your organisation with the data-driven insights and consistently accurate analysis that it provides.

Experience Power BI for yourself – access live demonstrations here:

Power BI Sales Overview dashboard Sales Calendar Power BI dashboard Sales Geography Power BI dashboard
Sales Overview Sales Calendar Sales Geography

Power BI features:

Central information portal

Easily access the latest real-time data and information, linked to company objectives. With PowerBI, you can visualise and interpret your data in new ways, ensuring you are quickly picking up any trends you can benefit from (or defend against). This means you can plan for the future and know that all your data is up-to-date.

Power digital transformation through in-depth analytics

Power BI throws the spotlight on business processes, highlighting efficiencies and inefficiencies. Organisations can use analysis to gain insight and foresight, using data in innovative new ways to move in the right direction for the future.

Unified data

PowerBI gateways keep your data fresh by connecting to on-premises data sources, such as SQL server databases and Analysis Services models. You can also embed Power BI reports into existing portals or applications, for a fully unified experience.

Drive team performance

PowerBI’s Groups function allows you to share important insights with your teams, giving them a single view of your data and empowering them to make the right decisions.

PowerBI desktop

A feature-rich data mashup and report authoring tool, PowerBI desktop application combines data to create stunning reports. The flexible and fluid canvas puts visual analytics at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly discover patterns on a unified view and then effectively communicate them with interactive visualisations.

Unlock insights

Give power to your people to create their own dashboards and interactive reports to unlock insights, with ample security controls in the background to protect the integrity and distribution of sensitive data.

PowerBI mobile

View your personalised, real-time dashboards and reports anywhere. A touch-optimised experience on Windows, iOS, and Android apps allows you to discover important insights and act on them instantly. Tell stories with your data by sharing live reports to keep your team and customers updated and engaged with current analysis.


Turbo-charge Excel

Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular BI tool, and most people are familiar with it. PowerPivot will enable your staff to connect many data sources to their spreadsheets.

PowerBI embedded

Easily embed interactive visuals in your app using REST APIs and the Power BI SDK and pay only for what you use with no up-front costs. Author compelling data reports without writing code and explore your application data through a free-form, drag-and-drop canvas.

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