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Every organisation generates huge amounts of data, making the job of collating, validating, understanding, and then discerning what’s relevant and what it means near-impossible – that’s where Business Intelligence technology comes in.

Superfluid’s range of Business Intelligence services, following our 1-to-5 approach that ensures you always get what you need, will enable you to identify the critical ‘Little Data’ within your organisation and then make use of it; building and deploying a self-service BI tools that will help you to assess how your organisation is truly operating for the very first time.

Our value-driven approach means you’ll be making data-driven decisions within days, not months.

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A leading, best-in-class technology - discover more about Microsoft Power BI.

Our technology-agnostic, value-driven approach means that all of your future decisions will be data-driven.

  • We’re Australian mid-market experts, understanding not just the implementation process and technology involved, but how to make it work for your organisation and get it delivering value, fast.
  • Our range of end-to-end services mean that we can help you to establish what’s important to you and take you right through the implementation process to deliver a solution rich in easy-to-read dashboards and reports – helping you at every step of the way both cognitively and technically.
  • As a multi-disciplinary business, Superfluid’s team of experts will enable you to dig deeper into your data, highlight opportunities, and then put in-place the solutions needed to capitalise on them.

Definitive guide to Power BI and how you can get started

Superfluid's 1-to-5 Business Intelligence services:


1. Health check & gap analysis

Helping you to understand what data you have, where it is, and its value so that you can establish your desired end-state and the amount of effort needed to get there.


2. Strategy & roadmap

Designing the plan, immediate requirements, milestones and platform needed to meet your current and future needs (as well as your budget).


3. Deploying & personalising technology

Crafting your solution, linking your data sources, and creating dashboards and real-time KPI measures for every role: we’ll provide you with a custom-fit, best-in-class BI tool that will enable you to succeed – whether that’s our Power BI QuickStart solution or another leading platform.


4. Upskill & adopt

We help you and your end-users to adopt your new BI technology, featuring onboarding workshops, 1-on-1 tuition, and training to enable you to further develop and optimise your platform, as well as drive the maximum ROI from it.


5. Managed service

A long-term partner, we can be your BI administrator, support team, and provide you with day-to-day optimisation assistance for a low, single monthly fee – never worry about upgrades, new data sources, or onboarding new staff again.

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