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Brennan IT are continually innovating and evolving in order to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients, providing them with genuine care. Their aspiration: to be the best mid-market technology and business partner – today, tomorrow and into the future.

Superfluid work hand-in-hand with Brennan IT to provide our customers with services and solutions that not only work together, but combine to be so much more than the sum of their parts. We’re a complete technical, application and strategic advisory team.

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Brennan IT exists to make your life easier.

Brennan IT supports and manages the ICT infrastructure of 1,000+ of Australia’s largest brands, helping to make their lives easier and enabling them to focus on what matters.

For 20 years, they’ve been enabling mid-market and enterprise customers to succeed by providing them with technical and strategic solutions that meet their IT and wider business needs with care, professionalism and a passion to help them exceed their goals.


Brennan IT's core products & services include:


Managed IT Services

With the exponential pace of change in IT, using a Managed IT Services provider makes more sense than ever.

Ranked as Australia’s No.1 Managed Services Provider for the last 8 years by MSPmentor, Brennan IT can provide you with day-to-day IT management and strategic planning support whenever you need it, 24/7.

Managed IT Services available include:

  • Centralised IT Services
  • Managed Desktop Services
  • Prepaid IT Support Services
  • Project Services.

Find out more about Brennan IT’s Managed IT Services here.


Managed IT Security

Every organisation is coming under strain to not just comply with tighter regulatory standards, but defend against increasingly militant threats.

Brennan IT has designed and built a range of solutions and services that will protect your organisation, mitigating the risks that you face today and tomorrow.

Brennan IT’s Managed IT Security Services include:

  • Security Consulting
  • Network Security
  • Email Security
  • End-Point Protection.

Find out more about Brennan IT’s Managed IT Security Services offering here.


Managed Cloud Services

Brennan IT are experts at helping you to transition every aspect of your IT systems to the Cloud.

A unique blend of on-premise infrastructure and Cloud-based services, Brennan IT are guaranteed to be able to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Managed Cloud Services offered include:

  • Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Cloud back-up & Disaster Recovery
  • Colocation
  • Azure Managed Services.

Find out more about Brennan IT’s Managed Cloud Services here.


Managed Networking Services

For many organisations, network technologies restrict initiatives rather than enable them to find new opportunities.

To counteract this, Brennan IT can build and maintain a best-in-class platform for your business, freeing you to focus on your core objectives whilst giving you the security of knowing that your network is in safe hands.

Managed Networking Services provided include:

  • Private IP
  • Business Internet
  • Network Security
  • Managed Network Devices
  • Microsoft ExpressRoute for Office 365.

Find out more about Brennan IT’s Managed Networking Services here.


Business Telephony & Conferencing

Brennan IT has a suite of telephony, video and conferencing products that are designed to increase internal collaboration and exceed customer expectations.

With a uniquely customisable range of options, including those Cloud-hosted or on-premise, Brennan IT has the right solution for you.

Business Telephony & Conferencing solutions offered include:

  • Hosted PBX Solutions
  • On-premise PBX Solutions
  • Call centre Solutions
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
  • SIP Trunking.

Find out more about Brennan IT’s Telephony & Conferencing solutions here.

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