Case study: Master Builders QLD

The Story

Master Builders QLD was founded in 1882 and has been the peak body representing the interests of the building and construction industry in Queensland and conducting extensive research into industry issues ever since.

With more than 8,500 members, they’re the voice of the industry and support their members to operate professional and profitable businesses that deliver superior quality outcomes to their customers by keeping them informed with changes to laws, codes and regulations, as well as providing them with networking opportunities.

With a small in-house IT team, headed up by Adam Griffin, Manager – Information Technology, they were tasked with finding a partner that could assist Master Builders Queensland with integrating their new external Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription management system (Fusebill) with their internal Dynamics CRM platform in order to provide a better view of each of their users.

Having worked with Brennan IT, Superfluid’s parent company, in the past and forming an effective working relationship with them, they asked for advice as to who they could turn to for support, which is where Superfluid came in…

‘We’ve worked closely and successfully with Brennan IT in the past, so turning to them and Superfluid was the logical thing to do.’
Adam Griffin, Manager – Information Technology, Master Builders Queensland

The Challenge

Master Builders Queensland wanted to create a ‘single source of truth’ within their on-premise Dynamics CRM for their team, enabling them to see the most up-to-date information about each of their members and their membership status at any time, without having to look in multiple systems or locations.

Additionally, they wanted to create a subset of on-premise member data to be made available via a Web API to the Member Portal and the Contracts Management Service, so that they could improve member experiences on the portal and create more accurate and efficient processes.

Finally, they also wanted to ensure that the integration solution was future-proof, enabling them to leverage additional integrations from other external SaaS services, (such as a financial system), in the future.

Master Builders Queensland’s IT team had a clear plan of what they wanted to achieve and, having carefully selected a SaaS Subscription Management System that had an openly supported restful API and already mapped-out the required business processes, needed help from Superfluid to do the bit in the middle and turn their vision into a reality.

‘The digital transformation of an organisation must always start with integration. Without it, you can’t take a holistic view and nothing will succeed. ’

The Solution

The project began with scoping and design engagement, in order for Superfluid to understand what the team at Master Builders Queensland were hoping to achieve from the integration work and to help us to an understanding of the project so that we could gauge what technology solution would be the best fit for their requirements.

From this engagement, Superfluid formulated a high-level system architecture and approach that would meet the challenges earlier described without creating ‘integration spaghetti’ at the same time that would be unwieldy for the team at Mast Builders Queensland going forwards.

The key components of the integration solution consisted of:

For the on-premise Dynamics CRM:

Leveraging Azure services:

Connecting external integration points:

‘The integration solution created is clean, scalable and will be easy-to-manage going forwards.’
Adam Griffin, Manager – Information Technology, Master Builders Queensland

The Results

The team at Superfluid and Master Builders Queensland were able to create a stable two-way integration from their in-house Dynamics CRM system to Fusebill and Fusebill back to their CRM.

Key information from Fusebill is successfully seen within Master Builders Queensland’s CRM, creating the desired ‘single source of truth’ and, as users no longer have to jump between systems, they’ve improved efficiency for their employees.

The integration with the SaaS subscription (billing and direct debit for members) goes live on 1-Mar 2018 and, from the work that Superfluid’s done, Adam is confident it’ll be a seamless transition and will provide further efficiency savings – streamlining billing and eliminating the manual process of stuffing envelopes and posting out subscription forms.

With a new website and eDocs system going live on 31-Jan-18, both of which are utilising the integration solution created, Master Builders Queensland’s digital transformation is well underway.

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