Case study: Lifebridge


The Story

Founded in 1987, Lifebridge Australia has been a leading provider of Disability, Carer and Aged Care Services in Northern NSW for over 30 years.

With a geographically disparate workforce of staff fulfilling any number of on-the-ground initiatives and a single, centralised management office, Lifebridge had a number of difficulties in providing their workforce with a unified technology environment and frequent, relevant internal communications.

Prior to engaging with Superfluid, Lifebridge had worked with Brennan IT (Superfluid’s parent company) to migrate their IT into the Cloud and adopt Microsoft Office 365 in order to provide their workforce with the tools that they need wherever they are, all without increasing IT overheads. With that project successfully completed, they still needed to solve their internal communications difficulties and asked Brennan IT who could help, which is where Superfluid came in…

‘As a community organisation, we don’t specialise in IT and don’t want to. We prefer to partner with people who can help us to fulfil that critical function, so that we can get on with what’s important – our services.’
Carol Raven, Lead Business Analyst, Lifebridge

The Challenge

Lifebridge had identified that they needed a new and effective intranet solution to be the cornerstone of their internal communications improvement project.

The solution needed to increase the number of channels available to the organisation to communicate with their staff, adding routes through which they could send general updates from the CEO and newsletters, as well as time-sensitive critical emergency notifications.

Due to the geographical spread of their workforce, this also meant that the intranet solution had to be accessible anywhere and be mobile-compatible. It, therefore, had to fit their new Cloud-focussed technology landscape at the same time.

Speed was of the essence, too, so whatever solution was to be adopted needed to be quick to deploy and get people running on – lending itself to an easily customisable, out-of-the-box solution that’s got inbuilt UX design and is easy-to-use.

‘Digital transformation doesn’t have to be about integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain into everything you do, it’s about integrating good technology into your organisation that enables you to do what you do better.’

The Solution

After a demo by the Superfluid team of our ‘SharePoint QuickStart’ solution, the team at Lifebridge decided that Superfluid’s packaged intranet would fulfil their immediate needs, had additional features that they could grow into, and were confident that it would do exactly what it said: reinvent their intranet in a timely way.

The project was approached in an agile way. As a community services organisation, Lifebridge didn’t have an internal specialist to lead the project, so they formed a team that could work and collaborate online with Superfluid’s solution experts in Melbourne to personalise and implement the tool in a way that would fit the organisation.

The SharePoint QuickStart solution was to be deployed at the same time as a significant investment in new hardware, so it would first launch on new computers via the desktops application, before then turning to implement it on the organisation’s new mobile devices. Additional steps would then also be taken to implement eForms and integrate with the wider organisation once up and running.

The SharePoint QuickStart product was as the name says it is: quick to deploy and get using, as well as a great place for us to springboard from.
Carol Raven, Lead Business Analyst, Lifebridge

The Results

After deploying the desktop solution, the feedback has been positive, with one member of staff remarking that it’s ‘bringing Lifebridge into the 21st Century’, according to Carol Raven, Lifebridge’s Lead Business Analyst.

The intranet is already being treated as the organisation’s homepage; a place where staff can access all the applications, functions and assets that they need, as well as get all the latest news: a one-stop shop. Its simple design is user-friendly and conveys information visually due to it’s prebuilt UX design features, meaning users have been able to get up-to-speed and into it quickly.

One benefit of the solution that’s exceeded expectations at Lifebridge is the SharePoint QuickStart solution’s native integration with Microsoft Teams, which has given the organisation a place where everyone can easily communicate and collaborate.

Lifebridge used to have to bring all of their workers from across NSW into the office for a day three-to-four times a year – a very expensive and disruptive exercise. With the new intranet, this is no longer necessary and Lifebridge will be able to more efficiently and quickly communicate any changes.

With more to come, this is just the start of what the solution is going to be able to enable Lifebridge to achieve.

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