Why organisations should use Sharegate for SharePoint migrations

Sharegate is a migration tool that simplifies and accelerates migration processes, providing the capability to migrate directly to the latest SharePoint or Office 365 version, and without any downtime.

It is well known and widely used in the SharePoint community, and highly regarded as a reliable and easy to use SharePoint migration tool. The common use cases for this tool is the requirement to move to Office 365 quickly, upgrade to the latest SharePoint version directly, or migrate file shares to SharePoint or Office 365.


Technology continues to evolve and organisations need to evolve along with it, which means putting in place processes and strategies to move off their current system into a new system. Sharegate is an easy to use and cost effective tool that helps migrate critical business data from one platform to another, as part of a business’s transition phase and decommissioning process.

Cutting costs in IT systems and staying up to date in a supported state are key driving forces to decisions made around migrations to new platforms in organisations. There are businesses that typically work off network file shares and are wanting to transition off those file shares into a modern collaborative platform such as SharePoint.

There are also those businesses that already have SharePoint in place but would like to move to either Office 365, or upgrade to the latest SharePoint version. Migrations are tricky and need to be properly planned and strategised with either an in-house IT department or through the consultation with vendors that have industry experts in SharePoint, such as Superfluid. To help move content to either the latest version of SharePoint or Office 365 from either an existing SharePoint environment or file shares, organisations would require a migration tool such as Sharegate to help easily migrate the content across.

With the out-of-the-box upgrade or migration paths in SharePoint, they require more effort and time to implement as the process is a lot more complicated compared to using a robust migration tool such as Sharegate. If you’re upgrading from an old version of SharePoint such as 2003 to the latest version of SharePoint using the out-of-the-box upgrade path, it’s not a one hop upgrade path, however if Sharegate is used as the migration tool, it is able to upgrade directly to the latest version in one hop. Both time and money is saved using Sharegate, as opposed to opting for the out-of-the-box SharePoint upgrade path approach.


Sharegate offers unlimited data migrations, and an easy to use software interface. There is the option to train users in organisations on how to perform SharePoint migrations using the tool to provide continual benefits and rewards from the purchase of the product. It provides seamless migration processes between same or different versions of SharePoint. It’s capable of migrating content from various types of sources, listed as follows:

The core reason to choose Sharegate is for its ease of use, there’s no limit on the amount of data that can be migrated, it saves organisations time while migrating content to SharePoint and is an industry leading migration tool. Sharegate now offers the ability to perform both SharePoint and Nintex Migrations through their Sharegate for Nintex license product.


For more information, refer to the following articles:




Insane Mode with Office 365

  1. Copying Document Sets
  2. Copying ASPX pages
  3. Copying Calendar’s special occurrences
  4. Copying list items that are declared as records
  5. Copying documents to a document library that has an enterprise keyword field
  6. When using the incremental update with Insane mode on Office 365, all versions of an item at the destination will be replaced by the version from the source if: the source item has a more recent “last modified” date than the item at the destination. This is caused by a limitation in the Azure Import API.

Insane mode on Premise

Having the Server Extension installed at the source will also speed up the copy.

These limitations apply to content only. Anything related to item structure will use normal mode.

Migrating items into a list or library may cause an ID conflict when using Insane Mode with Office 365. To avoid any ID conflicts, you should empty items from your destination list or library before running the migration.

You can do this by deleting all items in your destination list or library (you can create a backup if necessary by importing the items into a file or folder)

For a complete list of the Sharegate migration limitations, refer to this article: https://support.share-gate.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000160068-Migration


The following are the 3 types of Sharegate licenses available to choose from:

Pricing is based on the selected product, the number of users and length of term for the license.


There are many other SharePoint migration tools in the market that are also well known in the SharePoint community. To name a few:

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