ClickDimensions vs. Mailchimp: which one's for you?

The Superfluid team frequently get asked by our clients which is the better tool for marketing teams – Mailchimp or ClickDimensions?

Although both have plenty of areas of overlap, they are different applications designed to address different needs.

In this article I’ll introduce you to both applications, sharing my perspective with you about where they each are strong and where they are both equal.


ClickDimensions is best described as a very mature marketing automation platform, with most of the bells and whistles you would expect from an enterprise grade product, without the price tag.

As a tightly integrated application aligned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions is often chosen by businesses who use Microsoft CRM as it is really easy for them to adopt. The user interfaces are so similar that most end users never notice when they are using Microsoft’s native product, or when they are using ClickDimensions.

It’s worth noting that given ClickDimensions has a dependency on Dynamics CRM and shares the same CRM database, you actually cannot buy it without already having Microsoft’s product first.


Mailchimp is by far the world’s most popular platform for sending out marketing emails. It is simple to get started with and has a great designer that enables non-technical users to still make stunning templates and emails.

With Mailchimp’s integrations to many popular applications such as Shopify and WordPress it is also worth noting that Mailchimp definitely cannot be called ‘simple’ in terms of what it offers.

Mailchimp also offers exceptional value to businesses who don’t send out large volumes of emails and are happy with the features that it comes with.


It’s worth noting that both ClickDimensions and Mailchimp are great products, and we will happily help our clients get the most out of both of them.

If you are evaluating either one of these, here are where we see both applications do a great job.

Both ClickDimensions and Mailchimp enable you to use:


Being a fully fledged marketing automation platform, ClickDimensions is perfect for marketers who have big plans without huge budgets.

Being integrated with Dynamics CRM, much of the benefit ClickDimensions brings is that it enables marketers to gain a true insight into the ROI of their efforts (from lead creation to sale), while empowering people across the organisation to leverage the marketing platform as well.

Versus Mailchimp, ClickDimensions wins with:


There’s a reason why Mailchimp is the world’s most popular email application. It’s cost effective, offers reasonable functionality and is super easy to use.

When compared with ClickDimensions here are the areas where I feel Mailchimp has the edge:


As with all technology conversations, it’s best to take a step back and look and what you are trying to do rather than dive in and do a feature/function shoot-out. But given I’m assessing these applications at face value, I’ll push along with my summary.

Both ClickDimensions and Mailchimp are very good applications, and both have very happy customers.

Being embedded inside Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions enables marketers to implement extremely advanced campaigns when you consider the rich data insights and deeper targeting of marketing activities you will be able to leverage.

If you are certain you have no need for a CRM or would see no benefit in leveraging some of the more advanced capabilities ClickDimensions offers, Mailchimp is most likely the way to go. It’s simple to use, surprisingly powerful and cost-effective.

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