3 Steps to drive business performance with your Field Services Team

The connection between your Field Service Team and strategies set by your board isn’t always obvious to everyone in your organisation, yet if you are in the business of servicing your customers in person out on the road it’s important to get right.

Customers are so heavily influenced by the experiences they have with your organisation, and often it is your field staff that have the biggest impact to your ongoing relationship with them.

Here are three tips you can use to ensure you are consistently delivering great customer experiences which will help you drive improved performance across your business.

1. Drive Deeper Customer Intimacy between your People and your Customers through Technology

A great way to improve your business results is to empower your customer-facing Field Service Team with the latest technology and provide them access to real-time inventory information.

Whether it is through native mobile apps, a centralised cloud application to manage your business, or rich video conferencing, your teams should be just a few clicks away from getting access to the right information and expertise at all times.

2. Set the benchmark you are striving to achieve

‘Right the first time’ should be the rule, not an exception.¬†Empower your team to feel enabled and supported to do whatever it takes to reduce a second visit, and re-enforce this through positive incentives.

Develop a change management plan that encourages the right behaviour with a appropriately aligned incentive model to support peak performance.

3. Lead your customer to success

It is easy to forget that many customers base their purchasing decisions more on your expertise and belief in your ability to deliver than they do about price. Help drive deeper and longer term relationships with your customers by empowering your people to overachieve the expectations your customers have of you.

And build a wall around your customers by providing them insights and a rich history or interactions they would genuinely miss to prevent them seriously evaluating your competitors.

If you haven’t already it is time for your organisation to leverage modern, mobile-first tool-sets that not only help reduce your cost in delivering great service, but also empower your people to deliver better quality experiences to your customers day-in and day-out.


Leverage Microsoft to drive your organisation forward

Dynamics365 offers an end-to-end field service module, enabling you to provide the right information to your field teams at the right time. With powerful inventory management and skills tracking features, you can ensure you send the right people, with the right equipment, aligned to your SLAs, to ensure you minimise multiple visits Рenabling you to deliver great customer experiences every time.

Being part of a larger suite of operations, financials, sales, customer service and marketing, you can achieve success faster and with less complexity with Dynamics365 as a result of minimising the cost and management of trying to integrate multiple applications together.

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