Mobile Apps for Office365, Dynamics365 and more

It’s no secret the world has gone mobile – more Google searches are performed on mobile devices versus desktops. And the growth in global smartphone unit shipments is flattening as the market reaches saturation point.

Given it’s almost a certainty that your employees are smartphone users, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft have released a large amount of mobile applications that can help your people do their jobs more effectively.

Leveraging mobile apps inside your organisation is a great way to help ensure you get high levels of adoption with your business applications, and Microsoft has got you covered in many situations.

Here are my picks of some of Microsoft’s best apps that will help you secure greater adoption of Office365, SharePoint, Dynamics365 and many of their other products.


The Outlook app delivers a truly impressive email, files and calendar experience to your mobile device without switching between different apps. If you haven’t already got it, you’re missing out.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10
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If you have people in your organisation who prefer to search for files rather than navigate countless folder structures, Delve is available to help. Leveraging the Office Graph, the search algorithm behind Delve is truly mind-boggling and is available for Office365 users.

If you haven’t used Delve you will be blown away with how well it searches.

This mobile app gives your users the power of Delve in their pockets, so they can often find exactly what they are looking for generally in just a few seconds.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10
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Windows 10:


The most senior people within Microsoft’s product team have gone on record frequently stressing they understand how important a great mobile experience is for SharePoint users.

Thus, we welcome the SharePoint app. It helps you keep your work moving forward by providing quick access to your team sites, organisation portals and resources, and even a view into what the people you work with are working on.

Like Delve, this new app leverages the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph, which applies machine learning to activity in Office 365 to connect you to the relevant documents and people around you.

The SharePoint mobile app works with SharePoint Online in Office 365, SharePoint Server (2013 and 2016) on-premises and your hybrid environment.


One of the most exciting developments from Microsoft in the world of “apps” is not actually an app at all – but rather an app builder.

PowerApps gives you the ability to create, use and share custom-built apps you can publish to your employees smartphones. Automate tasks and accomplish more with streamlined processes, leveraging data sources across your organisation.



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