Web Forms for Dynamics 365

Easily create web forms with a drag-and-drop designer. It's never been easier to interact with customers without HTML or technical skills. Choose which fields are required, automatically check for email validity, and specify a custom 'success' message for when a user completes a form. Your custom form can be embedded easily onto your website or landing page using a generated code, or can be linked to using a (optionally customisable) URL. 

Some features of Web Forms for Dynamics 365


Avoid Duplicate Data

All data visitors input is checked against email addresses already in the CRM to avoid creating duplicate information. New records are created for visitors not already in the system.  

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Link Existing Forms to CRM

Create a form capture record to link an existing web form. This works by associating one or more of your configured form fields to trigger a redirect. 



Configure and Map Form Fields

Specify how the form values flow into the CRM or contact record with a form mapping mechanism. You can also map the values to the appropriate fields in CRM by creating web form field records. 


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