Marketing Reports for Dynamics 365

Integrated reports ensure you gain important insights into the success of your sales and marketing efforts. Activities and conversions can be associated with a campaign record in CRM, meaning emails, web visits, page views, and form captures go directly into your Dynamics CRM records. 

Assess the success rate and performance of your email marketing campaigns by viewing stats such as interactions, bounce and click rates, subscriptions, unsubscribes, and more. Highlight areas in which you're succeeding, and those that might need more work. Easily view this information at a glance, and use it to improve your marketing efforts. 

Some features of Marketing reports for Dynamics 365


Insights into Survey Responses

Make the most of your survey data. See an overview of survey reports and answers, or use survey data to produce custom reports, create charts, or use the records in an advanced find. 


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Microsoft Power BI

Use Microsoft Power BI's powerful intelligence to analyse and visualise data in dashboards reports. Further expand your insights and learn more about your marketing efforts.



Insightful Data to Help you Grow

A wealth of useful data is at your fingertips, stored securely in your database. Combining marketing data with sales and customer data allows you to create custom charts and marketing reports for Dynamics 365.


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