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A Dynamics 365 portal is a customisable platform used to share knowledge, engage with customers, and access tools to all-round improve the user experience and organisation of your business. Adxstudio Portals is Microsoft's go-to web portal plug-in for Dynamics 365, as there are built-in connections between the two that save time and help provide a truly seamless experience. You are given three options depending on your business needs - Community Portal, Partner Portal or Employee or Customer Self-Service Portal. They all include different base capabilities, or there's a fourth option to completely customise your own. Whatever your organisation, Adxstudio web portal solutions deliver a best-in class web engagement experience for community, public sector, partner management, customer service, and much more.

Partner Portal 

Great features for collaborating with your company's partners, including Knowledge Base, Forums, Profile Management, Customer Management, Opportunity Registration & Distribution, Employee Access Management, and Help Desk/Case Management

Community Portal

Self-service features including Forums, User Profile Management, Ideas with voting buttons, Knowledge Base, User Profile Management and Case Management ("Help Desk" functionality) 


Customising Your Own

None of the options perfect for you? No problem, you can install the basic feature set that gives you what you need to start a completely custom application. Then configure however you like on CRM Portals 8.x, or customise with development using Adxstudios Portals 7.0. 

Employee and Customer Self-Service

The most basic portal for knowledge sharing and issue resolution, including Knowledge Base and Help Desk/Case Management, and Forums pre-installed. Customise and add to these features to your hearts content to create a perfect portal tailored to you. 


Some features of adxstudio portals for dynamics 365


Profile Management 

Connect customer CRM data to your web portal. Make it a self-service platform that allows management of customer contact information, easy access with authentication accounts such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc., and assign web roles including user rights and options to rewards brand advocates with special status.


Microsoft Technology Integration 

Adxstudio Portals integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft systems you already have. Deploy your Microsoft Dynamics CRM backed web portal on-premise or in the cloud with Dynamics CRM online, and fully integrate SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. Host your portal in Azure to streamline IT resources. 

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Customer Service 

Deliver outstanding support with a 24/7 interactive self-service help desk, easy account management, and a knowledge base empowering users to find answers to common questions as and when they need them. And all this is accessible via web and on all smart mobile devices. 


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CRM Web Applications 

Bring advanced CRM functionality to your portal with Entity Actions (record and workflow management), Forms (share pre-configured or customised CRM forms), Lists, and Permissions. Open Data Protocol feeds real-time dynamic data to external tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel. 




Build loyalty, engagement and collect market research with discussion forums, Facebook Integration (publish portal apps directly on branded Facebook pages), idea and issue sharing, polls, and surveys. Your community of users can be an immediate and powerful asset to gain brand insight and increase peer-to-peer engagement.


Content Management 

Use an integrated content management system (CMS) to share adverts that spotlight key messages, publish files and media for play or download, and connect with external or internal links to relevant and related web resources.  The powerful rich content editor is simple and effective, and you can structure your website design to optimize layout and discoverability.

This is only a small selection of features Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers. Further features include a wide range of e-commerce capabilities, Government Applications, Marketing and Branding, and Modern Web Standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, Accessibility and Responsive Design. See the full list of features here: https://www.adxstudio.com/adxstudio-portals.


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