What is Nintex?

Nintex is a workflow automation solution. Used by business users, developers, and IT professionals alike, it requires no coding knowledge and helps automate processes on and between leading enterprise content management systems. Allowing businesses to streamline processes, Nintex has two main products: Nintex Workflow & Nintex Forms. 

Nintex Workflow for sharepoint

Unstructured, time consuming processes will be a thing of the past with help from Nintex Workflow. Automate processes and make every part of your business run more smoothly. Pre-configured sample workflows save you valuable time, and mean building workflows is simple and easy. Nintex Workflow for SharePoint goes hand-in-hand with your existing environment, so no need for separate servers or infrastructure. The intuitive workflow designer allows SharePoint users to tackle business functions and processes by easily building entire workflows. 

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Nintex Forms for SharePoint

Easily design forms with a drag-and-drop system using pre-defined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. You can then quickly publish to browsers and mobile apps. Need to design forms that reflect the way you think and your business logic? Nintex forms for SharePoint allows this and much more, including rich HTML formatting, reusable components, and import and export functionality. Allowing for broad customisation, Nintex Forms includes build rules to dynamically add formatting and controls. And if you are skilled at coding, there is the option to add advanced functionality and custom branding using JavaScript, jQuery and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Integration with SharePoint lists makes it easier for users to complete. 

Through automation of forms and workflow, the Nintex product set picks up where SharePoint left off, and works seamlessly with your existing SharePoint and Office 365 systems. Author forms and workflows without the need for developers. More information can be processed, more processes automated, and in turn more business productivity can be achieved with the use of Nintex. 


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