Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a workflow management tool used to automate common scenarios. It offers an interface that lets you combine two or more cloud services to create workflows, like those that let you automate file synchronization, alerting, data organization and more.

For example, you can receive a text message each time someone emails you, copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint, photos from Instagram to Dropbox, and so on. Turn repetitive tasks into multi-step workflows that integrate seamlessly into Office 365 products. 

Some features Of Microsoft Flow

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Activity Feed

The app includes an Activity Feed highlighting all recent Flows and which require attention. There is a search function for the feed, allowing you to easily find individual results for a given workflow.  


iOS Application

Manage previously created Flows from your smartphone. Switch them on or off, check for errors, or view their properties from wherever you are. 



Freedom with Flows

There's no need for complex coding knowledge, as you can use many pre-built templates to satisfy your business needs. Then you can edit these flows as you wish, or create your own from scratch. 

Flow is still being improved on and lots more features are promised for the future. Microsoft says flow creation is to be included on mobile, an android app is in development, and support for triggering, remediation, approval, and more is promised. Watch this space, and to find out more about Flow visit



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