Lead Scoring for Dynamics 365

Determine which leads to pursue with intelligence about your prospects' interest in your products and services. Individual visitor activity (including anonymous visitors and CRM leads and contacts) is used to accumulate scores based on visits, page views, behavior-tracking data, lead configuration, and other criteria defined in your lead scoring models. It's an extremely flexible system that can be customised by you to meet the needs of your organisation. You can choose which values are most important, e.g. page views can be scored higher if that's something you consider most relevant.  

Some features of Lead scoring for Dynamics 365


Target Most Interested Leads

Target the leads that are most interested in your services using web intelligence. Use queries and workflow to surface visitors based on criteria you set. Then prioritise based on their lead score.

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Customize Scores by Page

Specify custom value scores based on individual pages. This helps separate true prospects from job hunters (pricing page vs. careers page).


Set your own Default Scores

Have tracking events (page views, form submits) that are more important to your organisation than others? Set the default scoring values based on this. 



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