What is a Landing Page? 

A landing page is a clear, concise, one-page site that displays directed sales copy in order to generate leads. Landing pages are often linked to social media, email campaigns, or include an effective call to action such as a form or phone number. Copy on a landing site is mostly succinct and easily readable, accompanied by simple, effective design, imagery, and typography that supports the call to action. By analysing activity generated by the linked URL, you can monitor click-through and conversion rates in order to determine the success of your landing page or advertisement. 

Create your own Landing Pages with Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365, you can quickly and easily create dynamic landing pages without any HTML knowledge. A simple page designer allows you to customise your page without having to hire a developer. Associate the page with a marketing campaign by linking it to your CRM campaign record, and watch the sales flood in. A clear goal or call to action is important for a landing page; so integrate custom-built forms or surveys ensuring the highest chance of data collection and click-through rates. 


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