Hubspot and Dynamics CRM

As an Australian Dynamics CRM partner we have the skills and experience to ensure you get the outcome you are looking for quickly.

We love Hubspot, and the massive contribution they have made to Inbound Marketing. And if you've used Hubspot before we are quite confident you will too.

While Hubspot is great for bringing in new leads, it is sometimes helpful to continue to manage your customers' journey throughout their time with you. And for that you need a fully-fledged CRM such as Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM has come a long way, and is now rated as a leader by Forrester and Gartner. The broad set of powerful capabilities Dynamics brings to organisations is why it is so frequently selected as the preferred CRM system for many Australian companies.


We integrate Hubspot with Dynamics CRM

If you have made the choice to work with Hubspot and also have Dynamics CRM in your business we can help you bring both systems together.

Doing so enables you to track, measure and optimise your marketing success by getting total visibility of your customer's journey and interactions with your business.

Here's what a Hubspot to Dynamics CRM integration enables you to do:

  • Link your HubSpot marketing contacts with your Dynamics CRM contacts
  • Your sales team can easily access important Hubspot activity data from within CRM
  • Update contact life cycle stages within Hubspot based on data from Dynamics CRM (and any systems your CRM is also integrated with)
  • Export marketing lists to and from Hubspot and Dynamics.
  • Bring in new leads quickly that Hubspot has created into your CRM, so your sales team can follow up with them promptly.

Furthermore, as we have done many integrations across systems ranging from Oracle, to custom SQL databases and other marketing automation systems, we can help you tackle the most difficult integration situations.

It's worth noting that although our preferred deployment of Dynamics CRM is their "Cloud" version, we can integrate Hubspot with any version of Dynamics CRM. This means you can get your Hubspot data to your CRM database, irrespective of whether it resides on a server in your site or datacentre, or hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. 


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