Superfluid specialises in providing medium-sized organisations with the applications and advice that enables them to digitise and thrive.

We understand that mid-market doesn’t mean less complex, so we work with you to identify your organisation’s needs and adopt solutions that focus on outcomes and long-term success; getting you where you need to be quicker without overspending, over-complicating or limiting your horizons.

What we do

Grow your revenues

  • Improve customer experience resulting in happier, more loyal clients

  • Gain a single-view-of-the-customers to understand and serve them more effectively

  • Help your sales teams spend more time selling

  • Develop an inbound marketing strategy and automate your digital marketing to nurture prospects down your sales funnel

  • Design and build public web facing sites, eCommerce stores and customer self-service portals to maximise your online presence

Boost your productivity

  • Integrate your applications to optimise business processes

  • Build customised applications to help your people work more efficiently

  • Optimise your processes via workflow automation

  • Make it easy to work with, share, secure and find documents across your business

  • Automate the creation of frequently used documents to improve consistency, brand image and productivity

  • Gain insights into your business using Business Intelligence systems to understand and report on your data



Microsoft certified experts

We cover everything Dynamics 365 can do for you: marketing automation, sales force automation, document automation, customer service management and field service management. We can create dashboards to dramatically improve your business performance. We also provide Dynamics 365 support, in any form.


Microsoft certified experts

SharePoint is a powerful platform and often misunderstood. We’ll help you use as little or as much of SharePoint as you want, utilising new features such as Delve, PowerApps, Flow and Groups, to build intranets, lists and automating documents. We also offer SharePoint support too, any way you want it.


Application Integration

Your API wizards

APIs are your new full time employees, bringing so much value to a business. Whether you need to use web hooks, JSON, XML, middleware or even just a simple batch import via dropbox, we’ll get your applications connected to each other and to gain a competitive advantage in your market.


From dashboards to data lakes, we have you covered

Businesses often have loads of data, but not much in the way of tools to sort through it and gain insights. Microsoft’s PowerBI can help, and we’ll get you started by bringing all your data sources together and create dashboards, enabling better decisions and helping you achieve better business performance.