Learn more about your website's visitors

Curious about who is visiting your website? This information can be key to leveraging targeted sales efforts for your organisation. Learn all about who is interested in your products and services with intelligent web tracking. Discover the actual web activity of all visitors on your website with Dynamics CRM and make clever sales decisions based on this. When a user completes a web form or clicks a link in a marketing email, all their previous browsing activity is made available for viewing on their CRM record. It also attempts to discover which company/organisation they are from (if any). 

Some features of Dynamics 365 for Web Tracking


Identify Everyone

Track visits to all of your websites and blogs, identifying the details of anonymous visitors including their location and which organisation they are from. 

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Track in Real Time

See site visits, page views, and form captures all in real time. As the data is pulled into Dynamics CRM, you can immediately trigger a workflow from it and/or include it in CRM reports.


Web Intelligence

Learn more about interested customers by viewing the actual web activity of identified and anonymous visitors to your website.


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