Create Dynamic, Customised Experiences

Easily build automated campaigns with a variety of triggers, timers, and actions. No knowledge of CRM is required. Based on customer interactions, send targeted emails to drive sales and generate interest in your product. Design unique user paths with the campaign automation builder and create a variety of campaigns including sales engagement, promotional or events, new customer on boarding, and much more. 

Some features of Dynamics 365 for Campaign Automation


 Nurture Campaigns

Streamline sales by building automated campaigns including targeted messaging for those that are not yet sales ready. Automated actions can then be set up depending on each customers unique reactions. 

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Drip Campaign Automations

Combine multiple actions to create a series of tasks including sending emails, adding or removing participants from a marketing list, assigning users, notifying users or teams of actions, creating task activities, triggering CRM workflows, etc. 


Decision Nodes

Determine the best results by sending users down different paths based on your criteria. Set conditions in the decision node to specify what takes a user to the next steps, and what doesn't. 


Automated Timers

Time your communications perfectly by adding timers to a drip campaign automation. This means it automatically waits a specific amount of time before continuing to the next action.


Prospect Tracking

Track prospects as they proceed through your automation with the statistics view. This shows how many customers are currently involved in the automation as well as which step each one has reached.


Trigger an Automation in Multiple Ways

This includes when a lead submits  a web form or interacts with an email, individuals can be added once an automation is published, and marketing lists can be associated to add contacts and leads in bulk. 


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