Benefit from an Intuitive Email Marketing Experience

Built-in marketing capabilities provide an intuitive experience for sending bulk HTML emails that look great and include useful tracking features. Send to marketing lists, individuals, or produce triggered emails by CRM workflow, all with easy to use editors that work with Dynamics 365 and CRM. Editors allow you to add your branding to emails, upload graphics and documents, and easily format text.  For those that want more control, the flexible Freestyle editor has a WYSIWYG view and the optional ability to edit the HTML. Advanced users can benefit from the Custom editor that gives you 100% control over the code. 

Some features of Dynamics 365 for Email Marketing


Split (A/B) Testing

Test two versions of email templates against each other by sending both out to a selection of recipients, and then assess which performed better based on analytics.


Inbox Preview

View your email just as your recipients will see it using the inbox preview feature. This includes desktop view and mobile email clients including Outlook, Apple devices, Android, and more. 

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Social Sharing

Let your email content go viral by allowing recipients to share emails on popular social networks. The social sharing report shows who has shared what and where, and you can customise the social icons to fit with your own branding.  

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Dynamic Content

Create dynamic content that's different depending on who's receiving it. For example, for worldwide viewing (i.e. in multiple languages), or content aimed at specific age groups.


Subscription Management

Give recipients more control over email communications with subscription lists. This provides the user with multiple subscription lists to choose from so that they are less likely to unsubscribe from email marketing entirely. 


Focus on Deliverability

Ensure your emails are always delivered with dedicated email servers. Large senders can have dedicated IP addresses at their request.


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