Optimised scheduling for excellent end-to-end field service

Field service is out-of-the-box customer service, in the way that it takes place on the go, and out of the office. It's critically important to ensure customers are getting the very best service even in this environment, and Dynamics 365 helps you manage your field service operations easily and efficiently.

From work order management and customer billing to resource management and preventative maintenance, Field service management tools help improve your service delivery and see ways to increase revenue. Enhance real-time collaboration between customer service, dispatch, and field service agents with a wide range of features and tools within Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Some features of Dynamics 365 for field service


Optimised Scheduling

Super-charge your scheduling by fitting more appointments into a day. Make the most of your employee workloads and make dispatching simple with map views and visualisations. Choose your technician wisely for each job to improve first-time fix rates and on-time delivery performance.



Service Agreements

Manage and view all your service agreements in one place. Reduce the chance of error by accessing accurate information such as recurring service calls and contracts, installed products, and warranties across all customers and locations. Get overall improved delivery and service with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. 


Productivity On-the-Go  

Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows allow you to equip your mobile workforce with real-time information and guidance, including schedule and customer contact information. Use barcode, RFID, and credit card readers all whilst on the move, and process work orders remotely. 


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Customer Communications

Ensure your customers are always updated. The customer portal combined with interoperability from Glimpse and Twilio APIs gives customers a live map and photo of their technician, along with updates by text message and phone call. It offers a complete view of the progress of their case. 


Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance 

Ensure equipment is always working properly by automatically generating recurring work orders for maintenance, before issues occur. Minimise technician visits with automated remote fixes and make the most of built-in data collection, analysis and alerts. 



Inventory management

Dynamics 365 offers an inventory management system that tracks in real-time, meaning you can plan better forecasts and take fewer losses. It tracks across all your inventory locations, including warehouses, depots, and mobile stock in trucks. 

Use apps that enhance the Dynamics 365 for Field Service experience 

Choose from dozens of add-in applications developed by Microsoft and partners at AppSource. Apps can further enhance your productivity by extending opportunities across all areas of field service.


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