Create customer loyalty and promote staff efficiency

Maintaining long-term relationships with your customers is essential. Dynamics 365 provides a centralised and simple solution that delivers exceptional experiences to your customers. Support your customer engagement with easy integration of a variety of social conferencing tools, along with functionality such as web services integration, sales automation, marketing campaigns, and unified desk service. Give your team the right tools to enable them to achieve more in terms of customer opportunities. A single software app gives your agents all the information they need to make smart decisions and drive sales.

Some features of Dynamics 365 for Customer Service


Built-in Intelligence

Use data analytics to provide interactive dashboards and data visualisations. Identify trends easier by pulling patterns from your metrics, and in turn gain powerful insight into the best ways to approach your customers needs.    


Clever Software App with Simple Interface

Your agents will always be in the know, allowing them to utilise information and make the best decisions for your customers. The app reveals customers' case histories, preferences and feedback and provides guidance on entitlements and service-level agreements. 


Cases (aka Tickets or Incidents) 

Never lose track of customer requests and support issues with Cases. Create a Case for each one and view customer entitlements in the same place. This provides a tracked trail of support from the initial customer action right up until the final resolution. 


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Assisted Service

Sometimes customers need more than just an online portal to solve their problems. Dynamics 365 gives your team the relevant information to accurately and efficiently solve all customer issues. Harness shared knowledge to solve problems faster.


Self Service

Allow customers to solve problems on their own. Dynamics 365 can provide personalised help information for each customer. These portals can be accessed now websites, product pages, Facebook, or even embedded within kiosks or games. Then, transition them seamlessly to assisted support when they need it. 


Omni-Channel Engagement

Including live-chat, co-browsing, and click-to-call collaboration, this immersive solution embeds channels within Unified Service Desk and web client for Dynamics 365. Hosted in the Azure cloud, it gives your agents what they need to serve your customers at any time, from any channel. 

Use apps that enhance the Dynamics 365 for Customer service experience 

Choose from dozens of add-in applications developed by Microsoft and partners at AppSource. Apps can further enhance your productivity by extending opportunities with telephony integration, document management, and more.


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